5 best Muay Thai channels on youtube

Every nak muay is always trying to improve and get better. While not in the gym, then we’re home watching fights, shadow boxing or trying new combos. There are a few really helpful youtube channels out there that support us in our quest. Here are 7 of the best ones..

Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns


Lawrence Kenshin does a really good job in breaking down fights and specific techniques and makes it easy to understand what makes good fighters, well, good. Very helpful advice and even pros such as Saenchai and Joe Rogan recommend him.



fightTips is run by a guy called Shane who runs a very cool contest called “Muay Thai vs. everything” where he hits random stuff with Muay Thai punches / kicks. He also gives lots of detailed info on how to use certain techniques and explains them quite well. Certainly a good channel to sub to.

Sean Fagan – Muay Thai Guy


Sean is pretty well known in the muay thai scene especially thanks to his Muay Thai Guy website and social media channels. He also still fights and trains quite often here in Thailand and hence is a good authority to turn to when looking for explainer like videos that bring you info in regards to Muay Thai training.

Muay Ties


Muay Ties is probably the best channel to sub to when you want to see lots of ‘real’ Thai fights. They upload quite frequently fights from all the important stadiums and events in Thailand.

Evolve MMA

Evolve is not solely focused on Muay Thai but has lots of great Muay Thai fighters and coaches on their roster and shows off quite a lot of interesting moves and instructions as part of their Evolve University series.


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