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5 Best Maid Services in Bangkok
maid services bangkok

5 Best Maid Services in Bangkok 

Need a clean start and looking for some help to get things done? Don’t you worry, we got you covered and reviewed lots of the maid services available in Bangkok and compiled a list of the five best ones to make things even easier for you.

Do 4 You

Do 4 You seems like a pretty professional service that, however, forces you to download / sign up for their own app right away.

The pricing is a bit on the upper end but therefore you get lots of features to choose from. If you think you need this service more frequently downloading an app in order to have it all in one place might be a good idea.

Millennium Maid Service

Millennium Maid Service is one the services that makes you enquire first and then sends you a personal quote.

Their response time could be a bit better, prices however are not cheapest but this is made up with their service – according to several reviews.


Borigarn is the next website that replies to individual enquiries. Their responses are pretty fast, the rates are rather affordable and the service provided is nothing to complain about.

Once the area to be cleaned increases in size (e.g. Townhouse) this could be a bit expensive though.

Maid Delivery

Just like the ones before this service also replies with individual quotes to your inquiries. Out of all the ones tested, this one was the most affordable.

The cleanliness however was also rather basic. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t ok, it just means you can’t expect super mega service here. It’s definitely good for what it is though.

maid delivery bangkok


Ayasan has a pretty extensive search list on the website which aims to provide you with the perfect fit. This is pretty neat and also helps finding a helper that you are comfortable with which would be beneficial if you think about maintaining this service relationship.

maid delivery bangkok

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