2015: Deadliest Songkran in 6 years

With Songkran (officially) over it’s time to look at the death toll this year. While official reports and polls claim that this year was way ‘better’ and more secure than the years before the numbers seem to tell a different story.

According to official numbers by the Road Safety Centre Thailand saw 364 deaths during the 7-day Songkran holiday. Further 3,559 people have been injured. This means 42 more deaths than last year (2014) which also makes it the highest Songkran death toll since 2009 (373 deaths).


The Road Safety Centre also states that there were 3,373 road accidents during the so called “7 days of death“.

When looking at the figures it appears that most accidents happened in the provinces of Surin and Phitsanoluk with Surin mourning the most Songkran related deaths.

One of the worst accidents that happened this year saw four people killed and 13 injured when a pick-up truck in Surin overturned.

Police claims that most accidents stem from drunk driving (around 47%) and speeding (around 22%). Most of the time motorcycles are involved in those accidents (around 78% of the time).



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