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11 female fitness related Instagram accounts to follow in Thailand

Let’s be honest. We all like to see fit people and all of us probably follow at least a few ‘fitness influencers’ or #fitspo heroes. Since the last iteration of the fittest female celebrities in Thailand article was rather successful but also has aged a bit it’s about time to publish the 2018 edition. This time it’s not only fit celebs though, it’s more. It took lots of research (yes, sympathy please) to come up with that list so here’s to you hopefully enjoying it (and taking it as what it is, a fun list). To make it a bit easier to digest the list is divided into several parts. Celebrities, coaches, athletes and ‘normals’. Let’s check it out

Fit Thai Celebrities

1. @meiji_27anorma

Meiji is the obvious choice that simply has to be here of course. She’s THE fitness icon and even though she’s not the youngest anymore, she still rocks a ridiculous form and crazy workout routines.

2. @prayalundberg

Praya Lundberg is the second obvious celebrity choice. She seems to be a real life supergirl, acting, modeling, UNHCR ambassador and, of course, also running marathons and staying in amazing shape. Is there anything this lady can’t do?

Fit Thai Trainers / Coaches

3. @angelchan6688

Angel is a personal celebrity fitness coach (she also coaches Praya Lundberg for example) and pilates master trainer. Her posts are usually filled with inspiration and tips which makes it a very easy and reasonable follow if you’re into health & fitness.

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3. @cherry_missfitness

Cherry is the coach of several celebrities as well and seems to always mix up her posts and workouts which makes for a fun profile to follow. She’s also promoting a few products so if you’re looking for nutrition supplement advice her profile might hold more info for you as well.

4. @oummy_thebootymaker

Probably the coach with the coolest IG name ;-) She’s also a certified personal trainer and her posts are always a mix of fun and crazy while also motivating and transferring some fitness knowledge.

4. @trainer_zapp

Also a rather funny nickname, if you speak Thai ;-) Lots of different posts here, not only gym but also other activities (e.g. surfing), most posts, however, are of course taken in the gym and show workout ideas.

5. @nattietrainhard

Her slogan “train hard look hot” seems about right. The posts are obviously about workout and exercising but not only gym related as she’s also a runner + mixes up her posts with a few food pics once in a while.

6. @healthylivingbybud

Health coach and interval yoga instructor. Sounds cool, is cool. The profile switches between yoga pics, food pics and general health related topics. A great source for everyone into fitness and health.

7. @ann.manas

Be careful if you follow here as you might end up being jealous of all the good looks and upper class holiday pictures you have to endure when looking at Ann’s profile ;-)

Thai Athletes & Fitness Influencers

8. @yoyossavadee

Biking, swimming, running. Some might say that sounds crazy, Yoyo says that’s exactly up her alley. You’ll see lots of training pics that will make you wonder why you’re still on your couch and not in the gym, on the track or out and about moving your body.

9. @alita_pear

Model, influencer, swim wear founder. Sounds like showing off but she also backs that up with her kick ass workout posts. Try not to feel motivated when following Alita.

The normal ones – which are even more motivating

10. @napa_namprakai

Single mom, normal job, rocking a great workout discipline and some pretty amazing yoga poses mixed with some fun/crazy stuff in between. Definite follow advice!

11. @holdmyhip

The progress on the pics is undeniable and if it’s not only pics of gainzzzz you might also be treated with some fun clips of random craziness. Follow, now!

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