10 female instagram accounts to follow

Before there are any complaints coming in, the male accounts will follow soon – but as gentleman I obviously know it’s ladies first. So here we go with some interesting female Thai instagramers (is that a thing?). And it’s not about the ‘hottest’ or ‘sexiest’ account or the girls who show the most skin. It’s about entertainment, fun or even motivation. So without further ado, here are 10 Thailand based instagram accounts that you should follow right away.

1. Angel Chan


If the posts of this famous celebrity coach, nutritionist and, I assume, part-time superhero, won’t get you motivated then you’re probably dead. Almost each and every post here screams ‘move your ass’ or ‘eat healthy’. So follow Angel Chan. It might even change your life. To the better or worse (either you feel better by following her example or worse by seeing her doing all that awesome stuff).

2.) JuneJune P.


For me it was enough to see the description in her profile. “Shit I’m being followed” deserves, well, a follow. Besides that this profile is quite diverse. Private pics of average days, trips, celebrations but also some quotes and announcements once in a while. Simply nice to have it in your stream. Follow her here, shit!

3. The Pilatest Rachel Park

pilatest rachel

The proof that Pilates is not boring and that doing it can get you in great shape. Motivational, healthy, fun posts mixed with work related pics and private adventures. Follow!

4. Mew Sirilapas


Actress / Model is quite a common description for Thai girls on instagram but Mew mixes up the typical model or actress shots with private shots and fun posts. Check her out!

5. Tida_Healthy


This account is quite good to get your daily dose of motivation. It’s a ‘normal’ woman’s posts that simply motivate you to grind in the gym and to eat and live healthy. Mixed with party and work pics this is also quite personal and therefore fun to follow and interact. Account: Here.

6. Zaza Sor Aree


Being more into Muay Thai now these days I do check a lot of Muay Thai related accounts. Also, as you know, I do lots of thailand interviews here. One of the coolest interviews so far was certainly with ZaZa Sor Aree. Her ig is filled with Muay Thai, training but also with lots of personal pictures and messages. See here.

7. Purahong Sidjadeang


Talking about Muay Thai, one easily comes across “Peach”. She’s an instructor, fighter and referee and can be seen in lots of Muay Thai related coverage. Her posts on ig reach from Muay Thai, training, instructions over to personal and random private posts which makes it a very personal account.

8. Lukgal Srikarn Nakavisut


As avid reader of you might remember our interview with Lukgal. She’s not only on TV, MCing, singing and dancing but also an overall super fun person with a very active ig account and lots of differently styled pics. Definitely worth following.

9. Lily Pantila


Lily is not only a TV celebrity but also a frequent user of instagram and never shy to mix professional and backstage posts with personal messages. Check her account here.

10. Kru_Heart_Yoga


Navasu Buakant is quite a famous and successful Yoga teacher based out of Bangkok and never fails to inspire with her frequently updated account.


Any other awesome accounts that you would like to share? Shout out in the comments!

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