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World Muay Thai Angels Tournament

Muay Thai Angels is back! Similar to other tournament style events such as the Contender Asia (where John Wayne Parr drew attention to his style for example) or Challenger Muay Thai. In its first season back in 2014 Chomannee Taehiran, who is now considered to be one of the best female fighters out there, took the title and became champion. Now she is looking to defend that crown almost 3 years after her first victory here.

The tournament is scheduled to take place in the 57 kg category and will be held between April and June 2017. It first was planned to be split between China (as Muay Thai is taking off there rather well now) and Thailand but now has been moved completely to Bangkok.

The first round will take place on April 9 at the Thai Sports Authority venue in the Ramkamhaeng district of Bangkok.

Competitors in this tournament are joining from all walks of life and cultures. There are:

  • Lucy Payne (26-9-0), UK
  • Natalie Morgan (12 – 3 – 2), US
  • Yolanda Schmidt (22 – 6 -1), SA
  • Jinnai Madoka (24 – 8 -1), JP
  • Atenea Flores Pertegas (37 – 2 – 1), SP
  • Sung Jin (2 W MMA, 18 W Sanda), CH
  • Zhang Jiao (1 – 1 – 1 Muay Thai, 11 – 3 Boxing), CH
  • Funda Diken (30 – 2 – 0), TK
  • Namtarn Por Muangpetch (80 – 29 – 1), TH
  • Chommanee Sor Taehiran (78 – 10 – 1), TH
  • Maria Lobo (32 – 8 – 0), PO
  • Nicola Callander (12 – 1 – 0), NZ
  • Fani Peloumpi (44 – 0 – 1), GR
  • Sofia Olofsson (35 – 6 – 0), SW
  • Tereza Dvorakova (26 – 11 – 0), CZ
  • Polina Petrova (28 – 7 – 0), RU

As mentioned above the first round will take place April 9 at the Thai Sports Authority, the second round will be announced shortly after with winners for round one moving on. will be there to cover the events of course.

So far the event gained a bit of media coverage and the female fighters are being promoted on local TV shows quite a bit. However they all are being promoted as rather girly (taking pictures in fancy dresses, etc.) rather than as bad ass fighters and at official announcements and gatherings male officials still take the center stage. If they would really try to empower women this could be handled differently. However it’s at least a start and maybe this will actually lead to something down the road. We’ll keep you updated!


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