Why Olympus (Thailand) sucks

Since this is a ranting post I will keep it short. But it bothers me quite a lot so I have to let it out. Sorry.

I bought a new Olympus camera at the end of last year here in Thailand. One year warranty. Sure thing. The camera was quite ok and I had a lot of fun with my pictures. Like always it comes down to emergencies when you realize whether a brand is worth the trust or not. And Olympus is definitely not!

6 weeks ago I realized that the zoom isn’t working properly so I brought the camera to the next PowerBuy shop (where I bought it) over here in Udon Thani. They told (at least they tried with hand and feet – funny though since they write all their signs and ads in English but nobody of the staff can speak English….and my Thai isn’t that good unfortunately) me that they have to send the camera to the Olympus repair center in Bangkok and it might take up to 4 weeks until the camera comes back…alright….

Now 6 weeks after – after nobody has called me – I went to PowerBuy Udon Thani to pick up my Olympus camera again. Since Olympus did not call me I asked a colleague to call the Olympus call center in Bangkok and they told him the camera is ready and I can pick it up…

When I now arrived at PowerBuy Udon Thani to pick up my Olympus camera they once more showed (trying to tell though) me that the camera is not ready and that they will not repair it since the warranty does not cover water damage! Understandable but:

1.) Why did nobody call me in order to say “hey, your camera can not be repaired” – Olympus really let me wait and if I hadn’t come to PowerBuy Udon I would still be waiting for that promissed call…

2.) The Olympus call center on the telephone says the camera is ready….why?

3.) Most importantly though: When I gave the camera to PowerBuy there was NO SIGN of water damage. The shop staff said “yes, zoom not working, warranty, no problem” and took it. So one more time, dear OLYMPUS and POWERBUY: what the fuck are you doing?

After I was quite upset they offered me to buy the new model of my camera for “only” 12.000 Baht…one more time: wtf? I am pretty pissed and upset and will never ever buy an Olympus camera or at a PowerBuy shop again. Thanks for nothing.

Sascha is the publisher of my-thai.org and switched from an online marketing agency life in Europe to a teaching and education life in Thailand. He also writes about Teaching & Technology
  • Vipavee_S

    Hi… I’m one of Olympus Staff at BKK.
    We’r really sorry about that service. did your camera ok now?
    If not, Let’s me know about detail.
    I will pass your problem to the one who concern about this thing.

    Anyway , sorry about this.

  • Sascha

    Thanks for the comment. However this incident was quite a while ago and, like mentioned in the post, I had to get a new camera. Obviously I didn’t buy a further Olympus camera but decided to try another brand.