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Wandering around Or Tor Kor Market (ตลาด อ.ต.ก.)

Today, I’m going to take you to the main food hub in Bangkok!

Taking the MRT subway and getting off at the Kamphaengpetch Road station, you will arrive at Or Tor Kor market, the Marketing Organisation for Farmer, widely called ตลาด อ.ต.ก in Thai. It’s located in front of Chatuchak market, which most of you may be more familiar.

Why do we have to come to this market?

That’s a good hit before getting to know what this place actually is. You may think that all of the fresh markets are just the same, yet this one is not. It’s very special. All of the goodies at Or Tor Kor market are always high-quality and well-selected at the national level. It is one of the most top list fresh markets in Thailand.

Steamed tapioca dumpling is almost ready to be served.

A wide variety of local products is available here, including cooked food, raw ingredient, fruit, vegetable, Thai clothes, flowers and so on. Apparently, each vendor has its own section for different categories, so Or Tor Kor market’s environment is very clean and super organised all the time. This upscale market is always lively and full of people. Sometimes, you may even see many Thai superstars wearing casual clothes and shopping around the place! It’s a real place for both tourists and local residents.

The most highlight thing here is obviously food!

Coming to Or Tor Gor market without buying any food back home is totally impossible. Once you step closer to the food section, you will feel as if every dish is watching over you and calling your name. Without knowing, you hands are full of snacks, ready-to-eat foods, and desserts.

First of all, you cannot forget traditional Thai appetisers and snacks. It is more enjoyable when shopping at the fresh market and eating at the same time, so the finger food such as northeast Thai fermented sour sausage (Isan sausage), steamed tapioca dumpling, and grilled pork really comes in handy. They are fresh, safety and tasty.

Isan sausage
Northeast Thai fermented sour sausage

The next thing you may recognise in the market is the colourful curries at cooked-food vendors. There are more than ten different pots of curries for costumers to select. Stir-fried vegetable menu and deep-fried foods are also served in trays alongside the curry. Just by looking at them, you can tell that the foods are very upmarket with higher prices, unlike those in normal markets. But it’s really worth for the taste!

Green curry with a fish ball is right there in the middle.

Lastly, it’s Thai sweets and desserts! There are two main kinds of them: the ready-to-eat one and the iced one. For juice and herb drinks, they are the mixed type. You can buy both of them from normal vendors or famous brands like Kanomthai Kaopeenong (9 siblings Thai sweets), which is popular and commonly found at many department stores. Some desserts come in various sets according to either sizes or the meaningfulness for special occasions like merit-making and family gathering.


1. For those who are not convenient to buy takeaway foods, there is also a food court that sells pretty much like the food section: It covers snacks, main dish, drink, and desserts. You just go order at any food stands you favour and wait at available seats. No need for a coupon.

Or Tor Gor market’s food court

2. Many Chinese and Japanese travellers visit this place a lot as you can see from the signs that are written in those languages. Most of them are backpackers, at least on the day I went shopping.

Durian, the iconic fruit of Thailand

3. Public toilet is not built within the main market. It is nearby the parking lot at the back side and charges 4 baht for the services. Unlike what most Thai people expect, the toilet is actually clean.

4. The best time to visit the place is during lunch hours, but if you plan to drive a personal car, it’s better to come earlier in the morning.


There are more interesting about this place, but now it’s your turn to explore the real place.
Hope you fall in love with Or Tor Kor Market!

Nannapat Purod

Hello everyone, my name is Nannapat. I'm from alostboysite where gathers a variety of tourist attractions in many parts of Thailand. During a journey to myself, I get lost so many time to find myself, to define myself and to appreciate myself of how far I have come. Hope you enjoy my journey. Let's share it together!

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  • Aim Nitchakul

    OMG! I born in Bangkok and have never ever been to this place such a shame, but I always heard about this market and imagine that its location should be at the out skirt of Bangkok. Since, I knew now that it is soooo convenience to get that, I will totally visit this place after this midterm.

  • Ha. Same for me! :D

  • Natthaphong Sp

    I live near the Ari BTS station in Bangkok, and not far from Or Tor Kor market. It may take just no more than 10 minutes from my home to the market if there is no traffic jam. My mom and I usually go here for shopping anything, especially durian. I and my family like this place so much because there is everything in only one place and near from my home. There are many parking areas, but sometime the parking area is full.

  • I live in saphan kwai and have never been there. I have to change that :)

  • Nannapat Purod

    My family also visits there quite often. When we have a reunion, we must go there to find something for our party. The curry vendors are our favorite one!

  • Nannapat Purod

    Don’t forget to try some snacks. There are tons of them. Even I going there often haven’t tried all of them yet.

  • Nannapat Purod

    If it’s weekday, you’ll probably meet Thai actors or actresses. I often met them when I was in high school. Luckily my high school finished 12.00.

  • Note to self: Cancel class and meet celebrities @ market ;-)

  • Nudee Wanaraks

    I have been there many times and I really love to walk around the food section. Yess!!! The most highlighting thing here is food! hahaha. There are fresh fruits and seafood sold here. My mum usually come here to buy snacks; such as grilled pork and sticky rice. Its very good. Oh! and especially the somtum restaurant which is near the car park. Moreover, there is a famous Thai dessert store here called Khao Pee Nong or (Nine sisters). Their Thai dessert are delicious and made fresh everyday. You should check it out too! Everyone in my family love their desserts. I should find time to go there again soon. :) Thai markets are nice to walk around with loads of food to select from. When we go there, we always have a hand full of stuff back!

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  • Momo Iida

    Oh my gosh. Why didn’t I know this amazing market…? I’m feeling like I have to go there during my staying here in Thailand. I want to write about this martlet on my blog, too. Thanks.

  • And you got the perfect guide in your class! ;-)

  • Never been there even though I live close. Should go there some time soon! :)

  • Mill Natnaree

    Wowww.. I never knew that this market will be full of many things. I thought that this market will be the same as other fresh market. I’ve never been to this market before and I rarely go to market because the market near my house has nothing… :-(. So if I have time I will go to check this market and try the Green curry with a fish ball which is one of my favourite dishes. Thanks for this great review :-)

  • Chopluem Thammapunya

    Many years ago I went there and in that time I felt like it was a paradise of food. I love thai food so much and yes thai dessert. There was “Gaow Pee Nong” or “เก้าพี่น้อง” in thai language,it was so popular about thai desserts as it has been selling in many ages. If anyone goes there,I will recommend you to buy kanom thai. :-)

  • Kanom Thai is sooooooo sweet though ;-)

  • Ornvipa Assavanig

    After I read this article I have totally agree with every information as I just went to Or Tor Kor market around two weeks ago. It’s really tired of the day after I just worked on shooting so my mom and I went to ate lunch at this market. At first I was very disappointed because I known that the market didn’t have air condition and the weather was really hot but after I walk through the market I totally change my mind. There are various choice of food that we can choose and also the popular restaurant from many part of Thailand. I was ate that lunch at Sutchai Kaiyang Somtam that was the the first winner of Somtam restaurant in Thailand. So I wish that I could have time to spend at this market for the whole day and try more various food. Thanks💕

  • I somewhat have a similar issue. There’s no a/c so it’s gonna be mostly hot + there are usually lots of people and I hate big crowds but the food makes it worth it :-)

  • Aployyzz Pattanan

    I have never been there but it sounds really interesting to go! I’m surprised that there is an Chinese and English label there! I think this make it different from others local market because we often use local language and so, there may cause the inconvenience of the foreigners who come to the market. Maybe, because I’m used to Thai local market, so I feel not much different but what make all of Thai market worth is Thai food! Every time I go to a market, there are many kind of food, including appetizer, snake, main dish, desert or many kind of beverage and all of this is inexpensive!

  • Kimkreme Asawa

    This is my favorite market that I go every week and it have a lot of thai traditional food that it may hard to find from the other place. This market have the high quality food but it quite expensive than other market. Aor tor kor market is very near the bts morchit and chatuchak market which have many tourist come to this place too. And I have known that this market is one of the good market from around the world. Thank you this article that inform the good place for other to know about.