VR 1 – Virtual Experience Cafe Bangkok [review]

The other day I had the chance to visit Bangkok’s first Virtual Experience Cafe VR 1 Thonglor while also taking one of my Uni classes on a field trip there. Here’s a short recap: Lots. Of. Fun. Want more? Ok, read below!

What is VR 1 Thonglor?

VR 1 Thonglor is a “Virtual Experience Cafe”. What does that mean though? It’s a place where you can play VR games as well has hang out, chill, have some food, drink some coffee, relax with friends or even play some board games. It’s more or less your cool childhood friend who used to live in this awesome house and who got all the cool stuff to play with.

How’s the atmosphere at VR1?

As mentioned above it’s a pretty chill place which means it doesn’t feel like gaming center at a shopping mall but rather like a cool place where one enjoys to spend time at. The common area on the balcony is nice, so is the bar inside and so are the gaming rooms themselves. They all have a cool VR themed vibe to them even before you dive into your other reality. Adding to that is the really helpful and friendly staff who also seems to enjoy working there and you got a pretty cool atmosphere that lets time fly pretty fast.

Is VR only for kids / teenagers?

Ha. Hell no. While some of my colleagues asked me ‘how old are you’ when I told them that I enjoy playing VR games as well, it certainly isn’t only for kids or teenagers. That’s probably a big group of the target audience, however you can definitely also have lots of fun with VR games when you’re older. It’s even a good way to do team building, face your fears or simply have different kind of date. If you can’t afford to go on a real diving holiday, you can at least do it in VR ;-)

What are the prices?

It’s a not that cheap but compared to what you get, I’d say it’s worth it. I wouldn’t do it every day (well, I would if I would have that stuff at home, so it’s probably good I don’t) but once in a while it’s certainly fun and worth the expenses. I don’t have the price list handy at the moment but I believe it was around 700 THB – will update as soon as I got the prices here.

Where is VR1 – Thonglor?

Well if you’re from Bangkok, you know the Thonglor district. As the name suggests, it’s right there. The exact address for your navigation system is: 154 Aneckvanich Building Sukhumvit 55, Bangkok, Thailand.

If you’re coming by public transport you can take the BTS to “Thonglor” and then either walk 15 minutes or take a motorcycle taxi or one of those cool (or scary) songtheaw’s (mini busses) down the road and get out once you see the Tops / Burger King signs right opposite the “Baan Lao” restaurant which is pretty easy to spot.

Once there, look up as VR1 is on the second floor of the building!

More info on Facebook or the VR1 Website.

Here a few exclusive insights from our trip to VR1

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  • Ellen Deveaux

    I have tried virtual reality on a roller coaster at Six Flags in America, but it didn’t work as I intended. I had to remove it half way through the ride because it was preventing me from enjoying the ride. Although I did have a bad experience with it, I do hope to try it again someday. It amazes me how when I was young, 3-D was a big phenomena for me, but now, technology if evolving more and more. I would like to visit this VR1 Cafe! after midterms, of course.

  • Trustsaran Jantanop

    Although the VR technology have been out for a while but I could say this cafe looks really interesting to me but the price are quite high. I think I must go visit this VR cafe whenever I’m free.

  • You should definitely give it a try :)

  • Midterms in VR! Hm. I shall work on that idea ;-) it’s a cool place. And it’s really interesting to see how immersive this technology has become. If you end up going, tell them you’re coming from me. Might get you an extra smile ;-)

  • Tanathorn Petawan

    This is very interesting for me! I have heard about this new cafe from my friends and also from Facebook. I have been to many different types of cafe such as dogs cafe, cats cafe, board games cafe, etc. But I have never been there before and I would love to go visit with my friends as soon as possible.

  • Watsakorn Kaewsaard

    It’s hilarious how my first experience with Virtual Reality was a prank that pulled on by my friends.
    So I was sleeping during a sleepover at my friend’s. And one of my friend brought a VR glasses with him.
    So he put that thing on my head, and guess what he put on the LCD in the glasses. A PORN! A VR PORN!
    I woke up to a bunch of people laughing their asses off. Well I won’t lie it was kind of a good first impression but it’s still hilarious.

  • Thx for sharing that experience ;-) Btw one of the driving forces behind VR is the adult industry, so that’s not a coincidence ;-)

  • Ananda Chuensomsong

    I’m happy to see something different going on in cafes, it’s refreshing and more interesting. I have been to a lot of cafes and once the dish is done, it’s done. With this VR technology given by the shop, I could expect a different experience after a plate of sweets! I truly appreciate the footage showing the real experience!

  • Chung Veeravutthiphol

    I haven’t try the VR yet but actually it sounds very fun and worth it to expenses. Even the price is 700 baths in total but I’m not pretty sure it was per hours or per 4 hours but when it comes to a relaxing time, everyone might want to do some activity that can do with their friends. Therefore, I think if you bring your new friend to play a VR, it’ll be a very good memories and it’s a nice way to easily get along with each other’s.

  • Panpan Auraya

    I saw many reviews of the VR game, but I don’t have a chance to try yet. This is looked very strange and interesting. Not only VR game but this place have a seat to sit and enjoy having time with friends. Although the price is may quite expensive, I think it is worth to spend money with and try it. If I have a chance to visit this place I will write its review on my blog. Thank you for your suggestion :)

  • Would also be a great place for a vlog! ;-)

  • I agree. It’s a good activity to do once in a while with a group of friends! :)

  • Those are some of your seniors as you can see. They had lots of fun there :)

  • Check it out and vlog about it! ;)

  • Chanidapa Smt

    This is such an new interesting place in Bangkok, which is the first place for playing Vr game. It got me definitely interested with this thing as i don’t actually know how the player will feel when playing this, i think that might be when i played some 4D in amusement park hahaha. I confuse that when you comiting with the game, did you feel like you stuck in real situation?

  • Warisa Yuktanantana

    I have seen VR game before, but I never have a chance to try it. This place in Thonglor is fascinating I want to go there sometimes. I can go with my friends and play games and chill with friends at this cafe. As you can see, nowadays cafe are popular among teenagers because they can read books there and have snacks and also it is an excellent location for taking photos. This VR cafe is something different, and I think it will get popular real soon.

  • Thanks for your comment. I agree, it’ll probably take off really soon.

  • We actually had some instances where some of the students would play a game where they have to balance between houses high above the ground and when their friends would push them, they would actually fall down in real life – but that was more fun than danger :D

  • Um Ntrch

    VR1 is one of the thing I really wanted to try for a long time but I only got to try from my iphone which is cool but I’m sure using the VR1 box must be thousand times more fun. I just really want to to know how much thrill it will be when I get to try it myself. I’ve watched many videos of the reaction when people are playing on youtube and it is very funny especially when they play a horror one. Now I will save up money and looking for some free times (after midterm, of course) and go try it!

  • After you tried it, I expect a blog post / vlog about it ;-)

  • Wanthida Tiwari

    seems like a cool place to visit with my friends and siblings. though the price that you mentioned above might be a bit of a problem but I guess its worth it for what it has to offer. being a video game addict myself, I think I am willing to spend that much also, its not that far. I do have a VR console at home but you don’t get all the options that you get at a store that specializes. also, the reactions of other people playing it will be priceless. you can’t get that at home.

  • Beer Suwongwan

    VR is becoming more popular around the world. It is quite expensive but I think it would gives a satisfied response from me. I mean it really looks fun. i want to try Killing floor game on VR. I think it is really exciting. And now it is in cafe, I wonder why it come so fast like this. it is an interesting cafe that i would like to visit someday.

  • Fully agree. It’s no comparison to playing that stuff at home :)

  • Dakota Yuwapun

    VR and AR are the next big things in tech, too bad I can’t afford it for myself. Damn, and I really want one of those headsets for my PC.. Why do tech companies always find new ways to make consumers spend money? They’re geniuses, damn!

  • Elle Thitakorn

    This is such an interesting place to go! I like the new idea about game that they express through the cafe. It seems fun for me. The price is reasonable for me if I want to go somewhere in order to relax with my friends. I hope that I have a chance to go there and I might have a chance to log about this interesting place as well:)

  • Arinrada Boonarchathong

    Since I am doing a gaming blog and I am really interested in this technology. I think VR is a technology that can change the world of games, it can make games more realistic. By the way, I have heard that there is one more VR café at Siam Square One and of course, I will go there and review it for you. :D

  • Can’t wait to read the review! :D

  • Hope that works out and we’ll be able to hear about your experience :)

  • Mix Nuttapol

    Wowwww. This is great cafe which I am intersted with this cafe and I like going cafe around Thonglor. I will persuade my friend to visit in this cafe in the next sunday and I strongly believe that my friend will happy in this place because of having VR to play in order to relax from midterm test.

  • Cb Work

    I have the Ps4 console, but I nerver try to play it, which I think it is the new dimension of playing game. However, I might not decide to buy it because it is very expensive. This place can satisfy people who interested to try it, but I think 700 bath is too expensive:(

  • Diskul Skuldist

    What a great cafe, There will be a VR cafe near TU(around U-Village) as well, however, How much did you get for paying 700 bath, how long can you play and what about the games ?

  • PD

    Experienced it days ago. Had fun but without limited space would be much better.
    In VR game cafe, you have small space to move, wire from the console.
    It’s hard to involve your movement in some action games. Anyway, worth trying and so so much fun.

  • Agreed that more space would be even cooler they gotta contain the playing field somewhat. I’ve seen a few other VR places which would let you move around freely on some kind of platform which also looked kinda cool but I’m also pretty happy with the experience there, especially since it’s pretty easy to reach :)