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Top 10 Thailand articles on my-thai.org for 2017

It’s the time of the year where everybody looks back on what happened, what did we achieve and what are we (not so) proud of. The same goes for my-thai.org of course and in this wake I took a look at the Top 10 most read posts on my-thai.org in 2017. Here we go.

6 best dating apps for Thailand

It seems like there are still lots of single hearts out there looking for their soulmate (what else would you want to find on a dating app, right?). That’s probably why the article about the 6 best dating apps for Thailand got so many clicks but, compared to other articles, not that many shares. Don’t tell me you’re afraid to share that you’re looking for hookup dating apps and advice? :P The article quickly introduces some of the more famous platforms / apps here in the land of smiles which seems to resonate with all those poor singles out there. #foreveralone

The full article can be found here: 6 best dating apps for Thailand.

Top 3 online shopping website in Thailand

This article examined the rapidly growing online market place here in Thailand and three of the top players when it comes to apparel. One of them, WearYouWant, has since been discontinued (it says it will be ‘back soon’ but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Interesting as this was considered one of the bigger players in the market. The full article is here: Top 3 online shopping websites in Thailand.  

Digital Southeast Asia in 2017 – Thailand overview

The digital space is ever changing and developing and therefore it is crucial to stay up to date with current developments (ahem, bitcoin, ahem). In this article from early 2017 I tried to highlight, based on the WeAreSocial data, what should be considered when making decisions in the digital space in Southeast Asia and Thailand in particular. Read the full article here: Digital Southeast Asia 2017 – Thailand overview. 

The 6 best tattoo studios in Bangkok

Tattoos and Thailand somehow belong together. Lots of travelers that come here ask for tattoos and with tattoos losing the stigma of ‘only bad people have tattoos’ they become more accepted and hence more requested. This article, based on own experience, highlights six of the best tattoo places in Bangkok. The complete article is here: 6 best tattoo studios in Bangkok

Top 10 fittest female celebrities in Thailand

At first this article surprised me a bit. I didn’t expect it having that many views but then again, when thinking about it, it makes sense as all the people on the list have a big following. This probably means I should do a follow up this coming year. Who would you want to see on the list? Check out the old article here: Top 10 fittest celebrities in Thailand. 

Sin Sod – buying a wife in Thailand?!

One of the more controversial articles on the website due to the fact that lots of people don’t get my sarcastic, exaggerated approach to telling the ‘farang point of view’ here and probably also due to the fact that seeing cultural aspects in a critical light always brings up defense mechanism of people that belong to said culture. Nevertheless I’m happy about that article as it lead to some interesting discussions. Read the full article here: Sin Sod – Thai Dowry – Buying a wife in Thailand?!

No, that’s not just a swastika – Thailand’s Nazi problem

Another controversial article that lead to quite a few discussions. When walking around Thailand’s cities you often times see the Nazi Swastika on shirts, pictures, cafes – it even appeared in an educational commercial – drawn by Hitler himself. While some locals say that’s not a big deal because ‘we over here just don’t care much about the history in Europe’ others argue that everybody should at least have a basic understanding of world history, especially when it comes to WWII and the use of signage and logos with Nazi background is simply inappropriate. The full article with examples can be found here: Thailand’s Nazi problem.

I don’t sugar coat! – Interview with Mia Kang

The most read interview of the year was, not really surprisingly, the interview with Mia Kang who’s not only a supermodel but also a kick ass muay thai fighter. The whole interview is simply inspirational, fun and shows that you shouldn’t only judge someone by their (in this case amazing) looks. She could easily kick all of our asses as well. Check out the whole interview here: Interview with Mia Kang. 

Understanding Kreng Jai – Thai culture

This article is one of the evergreens on here as “Kreng Jai” always seems to remain one of the more difficult aspects of Thai culture to grasp and to fully understand. I hope the article here helps all of those who looked for help in regards to understand what Kreng Jai means and ‘how it works’. The complete article on one of the most important, and confusing, aspects of Thai culture can be found here: Understanding Kreng Jai – Thai culture.

9 signs that showed that you lived in Thailand

The last article on the list is a bit of a fun one and should, obviously, not be taken toooo seriously. It highlights 9 signs that show that you lived in Thailand. If you get all those ‘jokes’ then you probably lived here for quite a while. And if they are not funny, that’s because I’m from Germany and we can’t do funny. Have a read either way: 9 signs that show that you lived in Thailand.









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