The Kite Runner : Friendship and Redemption

“A boy, who won’t stand up for himself,
becomes a man who won’t stand up for anything.”

In a lifetime, there will be many movies that would come into your life and change you completely. For me, The Kite Runner is on that shelf, right next to ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and ‘The boy in the Striped Pajamas’.14kite2-600

This brilliant and unforgettable story was an eye-opener for me. Not only has it changed the way I see the world, it also made me remember the choices I made when I was young.

And I promise you, this movie would do the same for anyone who is lucky enough to watch it.

The Kite Runner is the story of Amir, his path towards redemption, and the beautiful friendship.

However, the main plot of this film seems to be the different perspective between grown-ups and kids. And how growing up changes us.

“Children aren’t coloring books. You don’t get to fill them with your favorite colors.”


You are a coward.

Amir had always been the one behind someone else’s back. Whether it was his father or Hassam, he never had enough courage to stand up for himself. When he was bullied, Hassan would always be there with a slingshot. That might be why Amir kept Hassan so close to him, as his protector rather than his friend.

Witnessing Hassan getting bullied and raped, Amir didn’t dare to help and chose to run away instead. His guilt piled up even more when Hassan acted like nothing happened and remained loyal to him. He must have felt as if Hassan was mocking him, making him feel bad on purpose.


I think he knew what he did and realize that his father who has grown quite fond of Hassan would punish him if the truth comes out. That is probably why Amir did what he did. With his childish and shallow-minded thoughts, that must be the best way to get rid of his problem.

When we are young, it is easier to make this kind of decisions
since we didn’t understand the consequences of our actions yet.

That’s not an ending…

In the movie, he recited one of the books he wrote to his father in which the ending is how Afghan people in the book called the USA home. Just like his father comment, the story should not end there. However, I can sense that the reason why Amir preferred that ending is not because he really felt like the USA is his new home, but it’s because he wanted –so badly, to leave Afghanistan behind. He wanted to forget everything that happened when he was there. Most importantly, he wanted to forget about Hassan.

I believe that as Amir grew up, we must have realized how lucky he is to have such an honest and loyal friend like Hassan. The crime he committed to Hassan must have been a big scar for him that enables him to forget all the memories.

After all, that’s how our brains work sometimes. The more we try to forget, the more we remember.

What happened to the trees?

I’m sure many things happened in Afghanistan and many other countries at that time, and the movie did a really good job in creating the suspense and horror theme. It shows the changes war made to a country by comparing the devastating Taliban state to the colorful memory of the young Amir.

“The Afghanistan of our youth is long dead. Kindness is gone from the land and you cannot escape the killings. Always the killings.”

I wouldn’t know the real reason behind the untitled-2destruction of Afghanistan. Was it the Russians who cut down all the trees and took the natural sources for granted? Or was it the Taliban that forced inhumane rules and change the loving people to be extreme, radical and violent?

Seeing how the movie depicts the situation of decentthat time, it gives me this sad feeling that what
really happened must be worse. People selling their body parts to survive. People killing each other, discriminating against each other just for the sake of norms. Kids becoming orphans and getting harassed, but no one bat an eye.


Something like that should not be normal.

Human should not do that to one another.

For you, a thousand times over!

Amir didn’t risk his life for Sohrab because he is his nephew; rather it is because he felt guilty for what he did to Hassan. And somehow, by saving Sohrab’s life, he felt redeemed. That was the first time he truly stands up for something in his life.

Even though Amir lacks experience in standing up for himself, I’m sure that now he will be strong enough to stand up for someone he loves. And most of all, to the memory of his best friend in the world, Hassan.


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