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Not a Thailand related post. If you’re only here for that, you can skip this article.

Let’s get straight to the point. I still can’t quite comprehend what happened in Orlando earlier this week. Even though it’s far away and not likely to happen here as of now, it is still stuck in my head. Maybe it’s the severity of the attack or the fact that one could read so many witness reports, sms of victims etc on social media that makes it just all so present. But that’s only one of the topics at hand that follow me around these days. The other one is rape. Thanks to Brock Turner rape has been in the news for a few weeks now and the wide majority of people was outraged regarding the sentence (6 months only) he received for raping an unconscious woman (who, herself, made some very brave statements afterwards).

But did you know that there are at least two rape cases in other places in the world being discusses right now where the women did not receive any justice? One of them happened in Qatar where one girl apparently partied to hard and then found herself raped afterwards. She reported the incident to the local police and was arrested right after and now she is being blamed for having sex outside of a marriage. What the actual fuck? Likely punishments for her and the guy who raped her (he admitted on having sex outside of a marriage but said the sex was consensual) are now ‘a few lashes’. What kind of message does that send? You’re being raped and it’s your fault! The fuck.

Another example happens right now in my home country of Germany. A country that one would consider ‘modern’ and ‘progressive’ (no insult towards any other country here btw). A C-Celebrity who does everything in her power to be on TV (and by that I mean LOTS of bullshit) now went to court since she said she got raped. The kicker here: It even is on video. A few years ago she also partied apparently too hard and then found herself in a room with two guys who filmed themselves having sex with her. Later they would sell that video to porn sites. They even planned all of this. I didn’t watch the video but apparently you can hear her say several times ‘no no no, stop it, no no no’. That is clearly not consensual and one would think a video of a rape is clearly something that holds some value and helps the victim. But not so fast. Besides being blamed and insulted INSIDE the court room (she then ran out and broke down on the toilet – and that was, of course, also filmed! WTF) she now faces a fine for making wrong accusations. Again, the rape is on video. But people seem to be too focused on ‘she’s stupid, she deserves it’. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Sure, those annoying C-Starlets who try to be in the spotlight whenever they can are annoying as hell but does that mean they deserve being raped. Apparently it does.

And now don’t even let me get started with the facebook comments under those cases. “She deserved it” and “that’s what happens when you dress like that” or “she should know what happens when you party too much” are still some of the harmless ones.

And with all of this happening? What is trending on my facebook, twitter and whatever feed today? Fucking Microsoft buys linkedin and WWDC. 

God am I mad about that. And yes, obviously the world can’t stand still. And yes, obviously changing avatars and so on won’t help. But how come that those stories are more ‘trending’ than stuff that really matters?

Days like this make me angry and realize that we still have to go a long way in terms of compassion and simply the ability to work together and make this world a better place. We all always claim we want to change the world and make it better but when there is the need for action, it’s all just the talk of the moment until we can focus on bigger and better stories. The new macOS > 49 killed in Orlando, Microsoft & Linkedin > Women being raped.

Days like this make me, for all the love I got for Social Media, technology and the internet per se, hate how easy it is to find distraction online.

Days like this also make me mad for being part of this internet culture that moves on so quickly. Most of all though days like this make me sad. Just sad. Not for the victims alone (yes, obviously for them in the first place!) but for ‘us’ for not being able to get our shit together.




Sascha Funk

Founder / Editor at My-Thai.org
Sascha is the publisher of my-thai.org and switched from an online marketing agency life in Europe to a teaching and education life in Thailand. He also writes about Teaching & Technology.

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