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Thailand’s Hidden Talents. Meet Benz.

Sometimes there are those happy little moments when you come across talents of your (former) students and simply think: WOW. So happened with ‘Benz’ when I was in Udon Thani. Without a lot of practice or professional training she brings awesome feeling into each song.

Right now she studies English at Udon Thani Rajabhat University and doesn’t have much time to work on her singing. I’d love to see her pursuing her hobby/dream a little further though. So if you, dear reader, like what you hear, just show your appreciation by liking her videos, leave comments of encouragement, etc.

If you’re a musician yourself I’d be happy to hook you up so that the little girl from Udon gets at least somehow a chance to work together with other talented musicians.

Work? Support? Nice comments? Let her know or write directly in an email.

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