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As we got lots of requests in regards to Thai food teamed up with Kim to bring you some more info on the where’s and how’s of good Thai food. Today Kim’s Munchies talks about one of my favorites, grilled banana – “Gluay Ping”. Sounds weird, tastes awesome! Check it out!


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  • Machima Anantanasan

    I should not watch this video at night! I agree that banana has various kinds in Thailand, some I don’t event know that they exist, but Kluay Namwa is one of my favourite kind. It is not only transformed as a desert, but it can also used as the medicine. It can treat Dyspepsia, Sore throat, Insomnia, and contain a large amount of Calcium. I always enjoy eating Kluay buat-chee or banana in coconut milk, maybe you should try!

  • I agree that bananas are awesome! Also in their original form, always eating them before sports :)

  • Chanidapa Smt

    Banana can be like a staple food which can make various kind of foods! You can get it some grub, or it can make in many dessert menus like bananas with coconut milk. Gluay ping is the dericious one! I suggest you to try Sun-dried banana the taste is also another good one!

  • Saruta Maneepairoj

    I’m not a big fan of things that are too sweet however when they are fruit based especially banana,I definitely love it! Maybe you should try others banana menus. I highly recommend you to try Fried Banana. (Gluey tod or Gluey kaek).

  • Yotsawadee S.

    What a favourite sweet for many people but is not mine sometime. I prefer other kinds of banana instead such as fried banana. But banana can easily find in Thailand and it is a common snack or sweet for Thai people.

  • Mew Sorasesakun

    I really love bananas! Bananas are incredibly many benefits, nutritious and can contribute to a healthy with balanced diet. Making it a must to add to our daily diet. There are several kind of bananas but one of my favorite is “Kluay Khai.” These bananas one can just eat, or fry on the grill in the sauce. They can be dried to make candy and cakes.

  • Ling Kanyanat

    I love Gluay Ping! It is a simple but very delicious treat. Thai people created a lot of banana menus such as Gluay Ping, Gluay Tod (fried banana), Gluay Tark (sun dried banana), Gluay Buat Chi (Banana in coconut milk) and much more. I love them all but my favorite got to be Gluay Tak. My aunt often makes them and, from what I’ve tried, I personally think that there is no store who sells more delicious Gluay Tak than hers yet. Whenever I visit her at Chonburi, I never forget to bring them back to my house haha.

  • Mild Chandhraprasert

    Wow ! Kimmy’s Munchies is on I would love to see more videos from you. And it’s true that people consume bananas a lot in each day. Especially in Thailand, people try to adapt bananas in many desserts such as Gluay Ping , Gluay Buach Chee and Gluay Tak.

  • Catty Methayanunt

    Woah! Grilled bananas with sweet syrup is one of my favorite Thai sweets even though i’m on a diet hahaha. Thai people love to use bananas as a main ingredient to do Thai dessert such as grilled banana, fried banana and banana with coconut milk. We can easily find this kind of dessert on a market or even on a street market, it’s cheap and yummy!