muay thai vlogLiving x Creamerys – First Time Muay Thai [vlog]

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. This week there’s another cool collaboration happening here on This time it’s Creamerys taking over and vlogging about her first Muay Thai class ever. If you encourage her enough maybe she’ll stick to it and we’ll see a vs. creamerys Muay Thai fight down the line ;-)

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  • Amornrat Orutsahakij

    This article make me want to join the boxing class again. I have learned how to boxing around 3 years ago I remembered that it’s really tired but for now I just want to relearn it again.

  • Ellen Deveaux

    This video makes me want to get up and start moving. Although it was your first time doing Muay Thai, you seemed very confident. I thought you were a professional ha ha. I really want to try this sport soon !

  • I said it before, and I say it again, let’s make grades in the ring! ;-)

  • Muay Thai is awesome! Makes you more confident and helps to stay in shape. Just do it! :)

  • Natcha Lohasawad

    After watching this video, I really want to try to do Muay Thai too! My cousin did Muay Thai for almost two months and she also recommend me to try it once in my life. Thanks to this video that inspired me to wanted to try for new activity:)

  • Phongphaka Lar-ut

    Thank you for inspiring me to go and try out Muay Thai! I have wanted to do Muay Thai for quite a long time, but I’m quite hesitant and shy to go. I’ll try to ask my friends to go with me haha :) Also, I like how you edited your vlog. The editing was great, and the music really represents her and Muay Thai’s strongness!

  • Tanutcha Roongroj

    I also love muaythai, like more than any other ways to exercise. You can feel your body works like it never did before!

  • Kana Matsushita

    Haven’t even imagined before that Muay Thai is such a hard sport and completely different one compering to boxing! Before I came to Thailand, I did not know anything about Muay Thai, and now this video helps me with understanding the new perspective of Thai culture! In addition, i wanna know more about this traditional awesome sport!

  • Cindy Apichaya Pattanasirimong

    I want to try Muay Thai too. I think this exercise can make me strong because it has to move every parts of the body. That means I work out all parts of my body. Thank you for sharing your experience.!!!

  • Opal Tresukosol

    Nice video! I’m interested in Muay Thai since I was young but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. This video made me really want to join it and besides Muay Thai could make my body stronger and healthier too!

  • Penpitcha Sathirapanya

    Amazing! you video was great and you inspired me to try Muay Thai. In the video you seem to be good at it, maybe next time you can train me ;P

  • I want to see THAT! Next vlog confirmed! :P