Thailand WochenrueckblickLiving Wochenrueckblick – Woche 43 / 2017 [vlog]

Der Wochenruecklblick fuer die Woche 43, 2017. Mit dabei natuerlich die Beerdigung des Koenig’s, wie die internationale Presse Thais veraergert, #metoo & Thailand und 5 achievements die dir zeigen, ob Du wirklich ein Bangkokonian bist.

Sascha Funk

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Sascha is the publisher of and switched from an online marketing agency life in Europe to a teaching and education life in Thailand. He also writes about Teaching & Technology.

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  • Jenny Philomena

    aha! Ich hatte keinhe ahnung das die verbrännung nicht auf im fernsehen gezeigt wurde. Das is ja schade, aber sie hatten warscheinlich einen grund. Anywaysc nice to see you speak german! Haha

  • Haha. Danke :P At the moment that’s more to get used to talking German again before the real vlog series starts in December. It sounds stupid, but I really never speak German here again so I simply gotta practice that again and hence those test vlogs :D Last time I got interviewed for German TV they told me ‘your German is quite good for a non-German speaker’ – they thought I’m a non native. WTF! ;-)

    As for the cremation, they cut the broadcast right before it happened and nobody really knew why as there was no announcement.