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Thai linguists delete word from dictionary

The F-Word section is dedicated to critical thoughts and opinions. The F-Word stands for Farang Word in this case since a lot of issues are usually “solved” by saying we have different cultural backgrounds. Sometimes that just doesn’t do the trick. We try to show some problems – and maybe even get people to think about those things mentioned. The F-Word might be a bit provocative or sarcastic in times – it is however not meant to offend anyone. Those issues are just being raised because we care – if we wouldn’t care, we would simply stay quiet.

While language researchers and institutes crown ‘words of the year’ (thx for coming up with ‘post-truth’, oxford dictionary!) and often even add new words or acronyms to the dictionary (‘selfie’, ‘yolo’) Thai linguists now decided to actually get rid of a word that doesn’t seem to have a place in Thai society anymore.

Somsak Pootnidnoi was quoted saying in an interview that due to the fact that some words simply wouldn’t be used anymore they lose their meaning and hence will be deleted from current dictionaries in order to make room for new additions.

The first word that will be deleted from the dictionary as per unanimous decision of the Thai language institute will be the world ‘election’. According to the institute this word doesn’t have any real meaning in Thailand anymore and, after news broke that there won’t be an election in 2017 after all, it is rather likely that future Thai generations will not have any use for this, apparently, outdated vocabulary.

Deleted Words of 2017:

  • Election


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