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Muay Thai Gear Review: Yokkao Airtech Carbon Neon Green shorts

As I always wanted to be able to throw some beautiful flying knees I obviously had to buy those shorts as pictured above as I expected to be able to copy Singdam’s style right away after putting them on. I won’t go into much detail on whether or not that actually worked out but I can certainly give you a review of that shorts. Why did I buy those shorts? Mainly because of the ‘airtech’ name to it as they promise to dry faster and be more breathable. Since I…

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The new Yokkao Muay Thai Gym in the middle of Bangkok

Update: Due to recent news that emerged in regards to Yokkao’s business tactics and behavior I can no longer recommend this place wholeheartedly. My experience there stands as below, but knowing what was said in the article about how they are doing business is simply not ok. Read the article about Yokkao’s Business Tactics here. Right after publishing the list of some of the best Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok I had the chance to visit another one that will definitely make it onto the next edition of this list.…

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