VR 1 – Virtual Experience Cafe Bangkok [review]

The other day I had the chance to visit Bangkok’s first Virtual Experience Cafe VR 1 Thonglor while also taking one of my Uni classes on a field trip there. Here’s a short recap: Lots. Of. Fun. Want more? Ok, read below! What is VR 1 Thonglor? VR 1 Thonglor is a “Virtual Experience Cafe”. What does that mean though? It’s a place where you can play VR games as well has hang out, chill, have some food, drink some coffee, relax with friends or even play some board games.…

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VR / AR in Thailand Living 

VR / AR / MR in Thailand

Virtual Reality (VR) as well as Augmented Reality (AR) are finding more and more coverage and spotlight as we quickly approach 2018. It’s not only VR / AR fans (geeks) or IT journalists such as Robert Scoble that are pushing for VR & AR  to play a bigger role in our daily lives (to be fair, even Randy Pausch, one of my biggest inspirations, always talked about VR being there to help us understand the world better). In the past year VR / AR now finally kind of took off in…

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