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Thailand Valentine’s Day Get-aways

V-Day is coming close. And as we already learned, Valentine’s Day is a big thing here in Thailand. That now brings up the question regarding what one should do on this oh so wonderful cheesy day. Something that usually is a good idea is getting away from all the trouble and business that is Bangkok and hiding out somewhere romantic. In order to help you wow your significant other brings you a list of all our favorite romantic Valentine’s Day get-aways. You’re welcome (and let us know how it…

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Valentine’s Day in Thailand

Valentine’s Day. February 14th. The day of love and harmony. You might wonder if Valentine’s Day is a ‘western thing’ or if it also is celebrated over here in the Land Of Smile. Let me tell you: You haven’t seen Valentine’s Day until you’ve been to Thailand. It is ridiculous. One day before Valentine’s Day (for the non-mathematicians: February 13th) thousands (not exaggerating here) of street stalls will pop up out of nothing and start selling everything that’s somehow red or pink or both. Once you’ve seen VDAY here in…

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