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Hotel Review – Sritrakarn Hotel Udon Thani

During my comeback to Udon Thani the past long weekend I tried another hotel and chose the Sritrakarn Hotel for my stay. Before we get into the in depth personal opinion let’s see the neutral rating: Location: Awesome. Right next to the bus station and Central Plaza. Going out in UD Town at night? Shopping at Central during the day, taking a bus somewhere? Everything’s fine and easy to manage. Great spot! Staff: Overall friendly and able to speak decent English. However with a negative touch in the end as…

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Homecoming Part I – Coming back to Udon Thani

Back to where it started was the motto of the past weekend. After almost 6 months away in the Big Mango I decided it was time to visit the place where my Thai adventure started and where I spent quite some time. In pure numbers it was only 1.5 years or 3 school terms – it felt, however, like ages. No wonder that being away for only half a year also felt like way longer and the urge to see what my exes are doing grew more and more. After…

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LOL, ROFL, LMAO – How ‘my’ college tries to find a new foreign ‘teacher’

This is again a personal blog post. Not an informational one. I try to keep the criticism out this time (won’t work I guess though) and just tell the story of ‘How the Udon Thani Vocational College tries to find a new foreign English teacher’ (the cover picture is something for nerds by the way). Initial situation I already complained about the fact that the college doesn’t pay very well and treats me kinda shitty. They are nice as long as they need something but as soon as they don’t…

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Khun Kru (Teacher) – Interview with Sutida Intawai

During my life in Udon Thani, Bangkok and Thailand as a whole I meet / met a lot of interesting and fascinating people. This is their place to tell the world what they think about all different kinds of subjects. You will find interviews with students, colleagues, workers, farangs and more random citizens or tourists. Today it is one of my former colleagues from the Udon Thani Vocational College who talks about her life in Udon as well as about her plans for the future. She is a mom, full time teacher and…

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Songkran 2012 recap

After talking about the background of Songkran, what you can expect and what I experienced last year in Chiang Mai now it’s time to recap Sogkran 2012 in Udon Thani. As already mentioned I stayed in Udon since chances are quite high I might leave here soon and I simply wanted to see some familiar faces one last time and have fun with the people I learned to like a lot during the past months. Said and done. So here’s the Songkran 2012 recap. Udon Thani style. In short: 1…

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Udon Thani’s new shopping paradise: The new Central Plaza

March 27, 2012. Finally it happened. The day most students and almost every girl has been waiting for arrived. The new Central Plaza opened its gates in Udon Thani. The old Central Plaza didn’t quite the name shopping mall, the new one now keeps up with common central plaza standards all across the country. It’s twice as big as the old one and is home to, let me lie, 250 shops or so (maybe I remember that figure wrong, I will correct it as soon as I went there again).…

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Open Letter To The Udon Thani Vocation College & Vocational Education Commission

Since my time in Udon Thani slowly comes to an end it is time for a final recap. I already told you more than once that I love teaching and most of my students and I probably will say it again in a final post, however this post is about my college and the education commission which supervises all colleges. I figured that, if I give these complaints in a letter to the college or the commission, nobody will ever read it. So I decided to publish it here and,…

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january 2012 - the time I exploded Featured Living 

1 Year, 3 Months, 9 Days – enough playing nice

The time mentioned in the title is the time it took until I couldn’t take it anymore. Usually I always play nice and smile and try to not be offended by the way local sales people / tuk tuk driver and similar scam treat me (like foreigners are stupid, money making, waiting to be milked, machines). I always reply with a friendly ‘mai ao khrap’ (I don’t need, thank you). However, now, 1 year 3 months and 9 days after setting first food on Thai soil it was to much.…

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Udon Thani Anniversary – Firework Contest & Birthday Party

Once more time for fireworks and party – like always when there is any kind of partyable event coming up. Today however was a real reasonable party day – Udon Thani’s anniversary. Like last year, this year would be celebrated with a firework contest and Thai cultural shows over the next two days. The kick off, my highlight, was the firework contest though. This year wasn’t that big compared to last year (118 more important than 119? – Or maybe because of the flood last year?) – but I am…

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Flood Updated Part 2

Just another quick updated for friends and family who keep asking about the flood situation right now. If you want to get up to the minute information about the flood I suggest you follow the sources I mentioned in my last post about the flood. Here is just a quick overview. Central Thailand still suffers from the flood and nobody really knows how long this shit might go on. While the water still rises in Bangkok (despite the governments try to dig drainages into main roads) other parts of the…

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