Traveling just cancelled our booking, without telling us.

Yep. So this happened and it was quite annoying. When traveling across Europe (yes, away from Thailand for a bit) we booked a hotel in Munich via All fine. We got the confirmation via email and seemed to be all set. This was a few weeks before we actually left for our trip. During our actual trip then my grandmother asked me about the hotel that we’d be staying in in Munich. I said ‘wait, I’ll just show you on my app’ and that’s when I realized that the…

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Road Names in Thailand

Lots of friends, family and tourists are, when coming to Thailand for the first time, a bit surprised on how the street system here works. That is, of course, since you try to figure out the best way to find some orientation. And, in all honesty, it is actually quite easy to understand once you stop being scared of foreign sounding names. So in order to give you a quick guideline on how to find your way around Bangkok and Thailand in general, here’s a brief guide to Silk Thai roads.…

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New Wave Bus Traveling 

Bus Boy – Comparing Bus Tours in Thailand

After having travelled Thailand for almost 3 years by bus I kind of felt the need to finally compare my experiences – good and bad – and to share them with you. Obviously those are all personal experiences and I only review companies that I took myself. This is the first post – more is in planning and will be published soon. Hope that helps by choosing your bus company / tour for your next trip through Thailand. Before we start: I usually take night busses – since I don’t…

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Beach View By Beach Resort Koh Samui Traveling 

By Beach Resort Koh Samui – Amazing value for money.

Finally I made it to Koh Samui and since I was traveling with my little sister who visited me for three weeks over here I did something I don’t do very often in Thailand: I booked in advance via The guesthouse I booked was the By Beach Resort and it was, by far, the best place I ever stayed in at this point! Me and my sister (17) travelled on a budget as backpackers and where looking for something that most backpackers want. Close to the beach and affordable. By…

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Living Teaching Traveling Work 

2 Years working, living & traveling in Thailand – A personal review

Welcome to an upclose and extremely personal recap of my past two years over here in Thailand. This is not a super informational post but more a ‘what happened so far’ kinda thing with a lot of extremely personal opinions and biased conclusions. Just so you know. And yes, that was the first of many bad musical references. Furthermore I’ll divide this post into the three familiar parts Living, Traveling and Teaching/Work. Disclaimer: //end Let’s start with the easy and for most people probably most interesting part: Traveling. Over the…

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