5 cool artsy spaces in bangkok Traveling 

5 hidden “treasure” places in Bangkok city

New creative spaces and modern “hipster” markets are being made up nowadays in Bangkok. The one thing that got really trendy are the famous “train night markets” or “Talat Rodfai” (in thai) that are now spread into several places in Bangkok. However these places are now becoming more common and known by everyone which makes it not so unique anymore. As I have been living here since I could remember, I wanted to find the new “hidden treasures” of Bangkok city. Places that might not be well known by the…

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Why Foreigners love Thailand Traveling 

4 Reasons Why Western Travellers and Expats Love Thailand

Thailand is a hugely popular destination for tourism, and expat living, for people from many Western countries, including the USA, the UK and Australia. For many, Thailand is a dream vacation destination, whereas for others it is a place to start a new life. Here are just four of the reasons why Thailand has such a strong appeal to Westerners: 1. Good Value for Money People who flock to Thailand love how inexpensive it seems to have a good time there. This is due to the exchange rates, which those…

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big buddha temple koh samui Featured Traveling 

8 more of the most unique travel destinations in Thailand – Part 3

This marks the final part of our ‘unique travel destinations in Thailand’ list (part 1 | part 2). Hope you enjoyed all three parts and please do shout out if you got some more cool places on your mind of if you’ve actually been to any of our suggested places. Here we go with part 3! Buriram, Northeast Thailand As someone who spent lots of time in Isaan (Northeastern Thailand) I will always have a soft spot for destinations up there where not many tourists end up. Buriram does earn…

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thailand pictures trending Featured Traveling 

7 more of the most unique travel destinations in Thailand – Part 2

Here we go with part 2 of our ‘most unique travel destinations in Thailand’ coverage. Make sure to also check part 1 with further cool destinations in Thailand! Koh Panak – Shh, secrets! Koh Panak is not really famous, one could say it’s a ‘secret’ that, be ready to get wow’ed, also has its own secrets. It is home to some cool hidden caves and lakes with some really nice limestone landscape to top it off. In order to access some of the beaches you have to climb or kayak…

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5 of the Best Foodie Experiences in Koh Samui, Thailand Featured Traveling 

5 of the Best Foodie Experiences in Koh Samui, Thailand

Describing a tropical paradise would literally be describing Koh Samui, Thailand. White sand beaches and crystal clear blue waters are the highlights to many travelers. There is, however, another reason to visit this blissful oasis–food. Infused with Thai flavors and you’ll see why more time is spent eating than enjoying the beaches. Figuring out what to eat in Koh Samui when you’re surrounded by so many options may seem daunting. To make it easier for you–here are 5 of the Best Foodie Experiences in Koh Samui, Thailand. Satay for Breakfast…

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koh tao Featured Traveling 

5 of the most unique travel destinations in Thailand – Part 1

Holidays & Happiness. We haven’t talked about this for quite some time here on my-thai.org. So time to focus on the bright side of life (dudududududududu) again. At least for once. via GIPHY With the outlook readjusted, let’s dive into this list of 15 of the most unique places you can see in Thailand.  Koh Phayam – That island nobody tells you about. As of the time of writing Koh Phayma is one of the few islands that haven’t made it into every single backpacker guide. Maybe because it’s not…

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chiang mai luxury destination Traveling 

Could Chiang Mai become Asia’s next Luxury destination?

Bangkok’s sleepy sister, Chiang Mai, is known more for its 300 0dd temples, cool temperatures, hilltribes and friendly pace of life, than for its high end luxury hotels. Thai’s from all over visit Chiang Mai to escape stress and the busy pace of life, preferring to relax, eat and explore the hip Nimmanhaemin area. And while Chiang Mai is a great place to visit, few would argue that it is a luxury destination. In fact Chiang Mai is often touted for its cheapness rather than hefty price tags, which is…

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