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Road safety advice for Thailand

Different cultures, different habits. We all know that and are probably expecting that when coming to the land of smiles. However, even signs and indicators that seemed to be universal, sometimes do have different meanings here. In order to ensure you a safe stay in amazing Thailand took to the streets, (barely) survived and now presents you universal street signs and what they mean in Thailand. Zebra / Pedestrian Crossing Coming from the land of rules and policies (Germany) I am used to cars stopping at zebra crossings as…

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Breaking: Thailand implements real life frogger for pedestrians

The F-Word section is dedicated to critical thoughts and opinions. The F-Word stands for Farang Word in this case since a lot of issues are usually “solved” by saying we have different cultural backgrounds. Sometimes that just doesn’t do the trick. We try to show some problems – and maybe even get people to think about those things mentioned. The F-Word might be a bit provocative or sarcastic in times – it is however not meant to offend anyone. Those issues are just being raised because we care – if…

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Light Riders – Thailand’s crazy lights in road traffic

Lights in Thailand! That’s already a strange topic (which will be covered soon). But the lights in daily road traffic are something that really pisses me off every single day. 1.) What people here are allowed to do on the street is incredible. While cars like we know from ‘The fast and the furious’ could never been seen on a German (or European for that matter) road, in Thailand everything seems to be possible. Blinking lights everywhere around the car (or vehicle) are no problem at all and almost seem…

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