Smiling Fighter – Interview with Su Su from Myanmar

During my life in Udon Thani, Bangkok and Thailand in general I meet / met a lot of interesting and fascinating people. This is their place to tell the world what they think about all different kinds of subjects. You will find interviews with students, colleagues, workers, farangs and more random citizens or tourists. Today it is one of my amazing students from Rangsit University. Born and raised in Myanmar, worked as a teacher at the Thai-Myanmar border and now a full time student here Rangsit. Funny for me when seeing her is always that her nickname, Su Su,…

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ex-teacher with amazing ex-student in udon thani Teaching 

Homecoming Part I – Coming back to Udon Thani

Back to where it started was the motto of the past weekend. After almost 6 months away in the Big Mango I decided it was time to visit the place where my Thai adventure started and where I spent quite some time. In pure numbers it was only 1.5 years or 3 school terms – it felt, however, like ages. No wonder that being away for only half a year also felt like way longer and the urge to see what my exes are doing grew more and more. After…

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Thailand's got Talent 

Thai Talent: Benz – Small girl, big voice

First entry of the Thai Talent category is Nuttwadee Niroka, nickname Benz (nope, not related to the car). Benz is a talented young girl who lived in Bangkok and Udon Thani and will start to study English at University soon. This short collection over here shows some videos she helped me to create for my English students. She covered some famous songs and let me use them for teaching purposes. Thanks a lot for that of course! So now get ready to meet a small girl with a big voice!…

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Featured Living Teaching 

Thailand: Land of Smile, Land of Copies – Lack of thinking!

‘Sascha, you know what is missing here? The ability to think’ That quote of one of my colleagues over here at Udon Thani Vocational College says it all and I couldn’t agree more. During a conversation we had last week we tried to figure out why Thai people would rather spend their time searching for and copying things they find instead of using the same amount of time to think of their own. This is not a students problem only though. This problem can be found everywhere in Thailand. Among…

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Featured Teaching 

The Student-Farang Dilemma

This is a short post about something that’s kinda bothering me right now. It’s regarding my work as a teacher so if you’re more into the travel stuff of my blog, feel free to skip this entry. I already wrote about the fact that many students here at the college, when getting older, tend to forget about their studies and try to take the shortcut instead. While this is obviously a typical teacher problem there is one thing that is made in Thailand. In my article on I talk…

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Why I stay in Thailand (for one more term)

This time it is not an april fools joke, this time it’s the real deal. Last week I signed my contract with the Udon Thani Vocational College and extended my stay for one more term. Even though I am not getting rich over here (actually I am far away from financial freedom or wealth) and Udon Thani is still an ugly city there are quite a few reasons that make me stay here. The most obvious reasons are that I simply love teaching and the students over here. It is…

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Thailand - first three months - first look back Featured Living Teaching Traveling 

Thailand 2010 – First Three Months – a short review

December is always the time for reviews and reflections. What happened, what was good, what not, etc. Since this blog is about Thailand I would like to only review my time in Thailand. Until now, only three months. But already a lot to talk and think about. Same same, but different At first there is to say that Thailand is NOT a third world country. I know many of you folks back at home think that there is no electricity here, nobody knows internet and people go to work by…

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