one championship shanghai ben askren Living 

One Championship: Shanghai [recap]

One Championship had another big event last weekend. Didn’t have much time to talk about it this week but luckily the guys over there at ONE provided me with the video further down. In the main event of ONE CHAMPIONSHIP: SHANGHAI, reigning ONE Welterweight World Champion and one of the best martial artists in the world pound-for-pound, Ben “Funky” Askren of the United States easily took care of Zebaztian “The Bandit” Kadestam of Sweden, taking his younger foe down to the mat at will with his world-class wrestling and finishing…

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mayweather vs. mcgregor off topic 

Mayweather vs. McGregor – Starting time in Thailand & where to watch

This is less of an article but more of a simple PSA. If you’re into fighting (Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing, whatever) you are probably interested to watch the fight (or circus show) between Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and Conor “The Notrious” “Mystic Mac” “How many nicknames does one need” McGregor. The starting time here in Thailand of the main event should be around 10 am, Sunday, August 27. The fight itself will probably start more around 11 am. So a perfect time to check it right after your morning workout /…

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fly me to the moon aerial pole dance studio review Living 

Fly Me To The Moon – Aerial Yoga (Fly) & Pole Dance Studio review

After my favorite yoga fly studio was shut down I had to look for a different place to practice aerial yoga. Eventually I was able to find a new cool place that allowed me to join Yoga Fly classes once more. I actually found this place as my former teacher started teaching there as well. So if you are looking for a nice place to practice aerial yoga or simply want to try something new such as Aerial fly (or aerial hammock), pole dance (not stripper) or Aerial Hoop, Fly…

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Featured Interview 

Hooked on fitness – Interview with Lotta Lemon

Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls, children of all ages! is proud to bring to you another unique, fun, and active interview. This time I am joined by a local fitness enthusiast / model / awesome person who is training for the upcoming Spartan Race. If you’re not too intimidated now, give it up and enjoy the interview with Lotta Lemon! Thanks again for joining! I always start with a similar question to my interview guests: How do you introduce yourself to the people who don’t know who you are (yet)? Thanks…

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game of thrones x muay thai Featured Living 

7 Famous Muay Thai Fighters and their Game of Thrones characters

This is the follow up to MMA characters and their GOT characters and fits into our GOT series of posts rather well (check: How Game Of Thrones characters would fare in Thailand). It’s a bit more difficult with Muay Thai characters than with MMA fighters though as there is no real Nak Muay that fits the role of a mean villain. Nevertheless, let’s dive into the GOT Nak Muay Style Buakaw – Jon Snow Obviously Thailand’s Muay Thai superstar number one and hero of the Thai people needs to fill…

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Thai Country Club - Bangkok Living 

The 5 Best Golf Courses in Thailand

You can see the article as a slideshow here as well: Best Golf Courses in Thailand – Slideshow Over the last couple of decades, golf has boomed in Thailand and it is not difficult to see why, golf courses in Thailand can cover every imaginably scenario and natural beauty that will allow the mind to wander as your stroll down the lush green fairways. Few holiday destinations offer such a wide variety of golf course design as Thailand. In whichever region of Thailand, you decide to visit, although it is…

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yokkao Airtech Carbon Neon Green shorts Living 

Muay Thai Gear Review: Yokkao Airtech Carbon Neon Green shorts

As I always wanted to be able to throw some beautiful flying knees I obviously had to buy those shorts as pictured above as I expected to be able to copy Singdam’s style right away after putting them on. I won’t go into much detail on whether or not that actually worked out but I can certainly give you a review of that shorts. Why did I buy those shorts? Mainly because of the ‘airtech’ name to it as they promise to dry faster and be more breathable. Since I…

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muay thai angel fight Living 

World Muay Thai Angels Tournament

Muay Thai Angels is back! Similar to other tournament style events such as the Contender Asia (where John Wayne Parr drew attention to his style for example) or Challenger Muay Thai. In its first season back in 2014 Chomannee Taehiran, who is now considered to be one of the best female fighters out there, took the title and became champion. Now she is looking to defend that crown almost 3 years after her first victory here. The tournament is scheduled to take place in the 57 kg category and will…

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thaismai muay thai gloves Living 

Thaismai Muay Thai Boxing Gloves Review

Since my last Muay Thai gloves (TopKing) didn’t last that long I had to get some new ones and decided to go for the ThaiSmai this time. The best gloves I had so far were the Boonsport ones but since their stock is always rather small and I like trying new things I figured I should try something different this time. When checking out shops and stores for different gloves I always asked if there are any gloves that match the boonsport style, bit tighter and longer down the wrist,…

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angela lee one championship mma bangkok thailand Living 

ONE Championship “Warrior Kingdom” hit Bangkok with a frenzy and showed off MMA at its best

This past Saturday Bangkok saw its second coming of ONE Championship’s MMA spectacle hitting the City of Angels. This time the company, whose co-founder is Thai, brought their biggest star with them and her defend her title for the first time in her career. The promotion of the event was mostly focused on her. Her face could be seen everywhere and she’s been hitting basically every show and been in every magazine (also on of course. Read the interview with Angela Lee here). A lot of pressure put on…

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