just like john cena you can't see press freedom in thailand Living TIT 

TIT – Bloggers and Social Media celebrities will soon have to wear badge

Thailand seems to be a huge professional wrestling fan as it gives the country’s press freedom the John Cena treatment. You can’t see it. As my-thai.org heard from reliable sources, Social Media users (bloggers, ‘net idols’) in Thailand who are not in possession of a journalism license, but insist on writing or broadcasting about political issues, will soon have to wear yellow badges on their arms in order to identify themselves to the public and government officers. This goes hand in hand with the introduced bill that will require journalists…

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TIT – New bill threatens ‘unlicensed thoughts’

On the heels the discussion of a very controversial new media bill, one that would only allow ‘licensed’ journalists to do their work and punish journalists without official licenses (which would be issued by the government), Thailand has quietly put forward another bill that, so far, went unnoticed. Thought licensing While the idea of journalists having to obtain an official license that would be given out by the government seems like a step towards more censorship and media control the second new bill that is said to be put forward…

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