chef's table healthy food delivery review Living 

Chef’s Secret – Healthy Food Delivery Review

As you probably read by now, I’m on the quest to live more healthy which also relates to finding better, healthier food. As my kitchen is a joke / non existent, I am trying healthy food delivery options right now. This time, Chef’s secret. And this review will be different to all the other ones because…you’ll see. Taste of Chef’s Secret Food Good. Can’t complain about that. It tastes totally fine. Delivery, Freshness, et al They delivered on time. And it arrived partly frozen in those small plastic bags as…

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Why Foreigners love Thailand Living 

Top 10 Thailand articles on for 2017

It’s the time of the year where everybody looks back on what happened, what did we achieve and what are we (not so) proud of. The same goes for of course and in this wake I took a look at the Top 10 most read posts on in 2017. Here we go. 6 best dating apps for Thailand It seems like there are still lots of single hearts out there looking for their soulmate (what else would you want to find on a dating app, right?). That’s probably…

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German Restaurant “Ratsstube” [review]

Very few times per year I end up in a German restaurant here in Bangkok. Usually around Christmas or when friends want to try some “real German food”. This time I decided not to go to my usual feeding grounds but rather try a new place. The “Ratsstube” close to the Goethe Institute around Sathorn Soi 1. Here’s my review. Atmosphere The atmosphere at Ratsstube is a bit weird. Kinda German, not really though. Contemporary Thai ‘art’ pictures on the walls, big hall-like seating area which makes it rather noisy…

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a geek in thailand book review Living 

A Geek in Thailand – Book Review

Usually I’m not the biggest of readers when it comes to travel books as I rather experience things by myself. This however gives me some background knowledge when it comes to books covering places I spent lots of time at. So when I got approached to review this book I figured I could give it a try as I’ve been living here for a long time and probably have seen almost everything. The Synopsis of “A Geek in Thailand” reads as follows: A Geek in ThailandΒ is a light-hearted but perceptive…

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foo fighters live in bangkok Music 

Foo Fighters Live in Bangkok 2017 Review

Concert review time with the most anticipated concert of all (for me!) in a year that is stacked with super stars heading here to the City of Angels. I’ve been a foo fighter fan ever since “Big Me” (takes out a Mentos Footos) back in 1996 which means I am, in Dave Grohl’s own words, an old mother****er. Thanks, Dave, glad to see you as well. The Foo Fighters have been one of two bands on top of my bucket list of bands I wanted to see live at least…

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atypical tv show review off topic 

Off Topic: Atypical – TV Show review

Over the past fews days I did lots of work from home (supposedly in holidays, ha, work always finds you!) and as I hate complete silence I decided to watch something while working on my computer. I started with some Arrow episodes but while the action is nice the plot wholes often times are just too much to enjoy it, even as a background noise. Therefore I looked for something else and, by coincidence, stumbled upon Atypical. IMDB describes the show as follows: Sam, an 18-year-old on the autism spectrum,…

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Spanish Restaurant Review: Barcelona Gaudi

Hola amigas y amigos! As you might know I’m a big fan of Spanish cuisine and found my favorite Spanish restaurant some time ago down there in Sukhumvit Soi 11. However, as it’s always good to get to know some new places and taste different food, it recently took me to a new (for me) Spanish restaurant that actually is somewhat famous here in Bangkok and is being mentioned most of the time when you ask someone for Spanish food recommendations: Barcelona Gaudi. Location The location of this Spanish restaurant…

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britney spears bangkok Living Music 

Britney Spears Live in Bangkok 2017 – concert review

It happened! She was here! The princess of 2000s pop graced Bangkok with her presence and just put an end to her first out of two concerts in the city of angels. As I’m not necessarily a huge Britney fanboy I wasn’t all freaked out and psyched up but still rather happy to see a pop icon that somewhat influenced me growing up. With all the trouble Madonna made when she came to BKK we kind of expected Britney to have a similar diva’esque entrance and were already prepared to…

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thaismai muay thai gloves Living 

Thaismai Muay Thai Boxing Gloves Review

Since my last Muay Thai gloves (TopKing) didn’t last that long I had to get some new ones and decided to go for the ThaiSmai this time. The best gloves I had so far were the Boonsport ones but since their stock is always rather small and I like trying new things I figured I should try something different this time. When checking out shops and stores for different gloves I always asked if there are any gloves that match the boonsport style, bit tighter and longer down the wrist,…

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tonsay bay resort review Traveling 

Tonsai Bay Resort – Tonsai Beach, Krabi, Thailand [review]

Krabi is a pretty well known beach getaway for lots of visitors and locals in Thailand alike. This, unfortunately, also leads to Krabi now slowly starting to feel like many other beach towns such as Phuket or Hua Hin. Lots of shops, sales people and more of the same. Luckily there’s still a little piece of quietness left which sits a few minutes by boat away. While most people know Railey beach and opt for resorts there Tonsai beach, just one corner away, has a different charm but we talked…

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