From Flood Fighter to Full-Time Tourist – Exploring Pai

Back in 2011, Bangkok faced one of the biggest floods in its history. I was a Thammasat University student back then and our campus is the biggest hub for the flood victims. Therefore, we tried very hard to save our campus and the neighborhood by volunteering for making sand sack barricades or taking care of the victims who came to stay at our campus since their homes were already flooded. However, at the end, we all had to move out because we couldn’t stand the flood any longer. People were sent to…

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Thailand Travel Tips for the North

I just received a question via facebook asking me about some cool travel spots in the North. Good question I thought and instead of replying on facebook I simply come up with this article (which I will send to the person who asked the question of course ;-) ). Let’s go. Traveling the North of Thailand. Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is probably the most obivous choice – but that doesn’t come from nowhere. The “Rose of the North” got that name for a reason and you’re about to find out…

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