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Business Card printing in Thailand with gogoprint

While being on our mission to bring the best Thailand related content to you (and succeeding in that mission of course) we also sometimes have to do some boring things, such as attending ‘cool’ networking events where people show off and talk about how awesome their life as digital nomad or ‘professional traveler’ is. While most of those people and events are close to being bs, some of those events are cool and if you end up at one of those few cool events you, obviously, want to leave a…

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7 points that increase email responses in Thailand – How to send emails in Thailand

The email response rate in Thailand is quite low. Ah who are we kidding: It barely exists. It doesn’t matter where, who or what you email about. Sure, corporations are more likely to reply. However emphasis on more likely. Still not sure. When it comes to Universities or small businesses…good luck. Especially when it comes to more advanced or detailed requests. In order to increase the likelihood of a response there are a few things that have to be proven important for me. 1.) Short subjects. Don’t use fancy words.…

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