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How and where to buy Bitcoin in Thailand

Bitcoin seems to be on everybody’s mind right now. It’s THE success story of the year and its value has probably been quadrupled (SLIGHT exaggeration, maybe) since you started reading this post. How do we participate in the hype though? Where can we got use some Bitcoins here in Thailand? Excellent question, as it might not be as easy as in other countries. Or is it? Let’s see. What you need before joining the Bitcoin hype A bitcoin wallet. As the name suggests that’s the place where you store your…

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10 reasons why you are not rich yet

This article first appeared in Thai language on  In the beginning of the year 2016, there have been a lot of news about people, who won the first prize lottery in several draws. But surprisingly, that person is not you. It is depressing to know that most people think the only way to be rich is to win a lottery. Let’s face it, in reality we all could be rich without the help of random drawing. Look at those wealthy people who came from nothing such as Mr. Vikrom Kromadit, a…

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ATMs in Thailand

Withdrawing money is pretty easy in Thailand. There are ATMs everywhere. However, like always when going abroad, some fees might apply. That’s normal when traveling. However, when living somewhere you usually set up a bank account in order to handle local banking issues, receive salary, etc… That’s when the annoying part starts. Setting up a bank account works like in most other countries as well, so no problem here. When using the ATM you’ll might face a problem though. While using the ATM is free with your home bank in…

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Money makes Thailand go ’round

Man incredible! I just came back from the immigration office where we (a Thai colleague & I) tried to extend my Visa in order to continue working here at the GOVERNMENTAL college. One should think that might be easy when working for the government but – frankly – the woman at the immigration counter couldn’t have cared less. In fact it seemed to piss her off that I came with help (a governmental officer from my college) since she knew from the beginning we wouldn’t bribe her in order to…

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all about the benjamins – Thai Money

For those who kept asking about the money over here in Thailand, here are some pictures of the money we use day by day. By the way, the money in Thailand is called Baht and the current exchange rate is about 1 Euro = 41,49 Baht. Fun fact: The money shows the counterfeit of King Bhumibol. So when he dies (not to soon hopefully) the complete money needs to be exchanged.

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