Digital, Social & Mobile in Thailand – Q4 2015

After wowing us with lots of interesting stats and facts about Digital, Social and Mobile in Southeast Asia and Thailand in particular earlier this year, Social Media powerhouse “We Are Social” published an updated version of their Digital Southeast Asia almanac. This time however time constraints seem to have gotten the best of the We Are Social team as the current report only shows two slides per Southeast Asian country. However it still shows some intersting data. Digital in Thailand With a population of 65.1 million and an internet penetration…

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thailand mobile expo Living 

Thailand Mobile Expo 2015

In a few days time the Thailand Mobile Expo will open its gates once more and try to wow customers with incredible offers and presentations. Let’s see what we can await from one of the biggest Tech events in Southeast Asia. Usually the Thailand Mobile Expo shows off the latest gadgets of all the big (and small) mobile players here in Asia. Smartphones, tablets, wearables, you name it. When checking the promotion material one can read that more than 700,000 people visited the mobile expo last year. That’s insane. Just…

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