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Freedom on the Net: Thailand falls further

Freedom House, an organisation that looks into press freedom and freedom of speech, just published the 2017 iteration of its annual “Freedom on the net” report. Said report shows Thailand being further on the decline, ranking now 67/100. The introduction as per Freedom House reads: Internet freedom declined to its lowest level yet in 2017, continuing a downward spiral that began when the junta seized power. Censorship increased following the death of the king, and a slew of laws codified repressive measures introduced under a state of emergency. Thailand entered…

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9 of the coolest temples to visit in Thailand

Time for some #RealTalk here. No matter if tourist or expat, at one point in your Thailand journey you quite likely will suffer from something we here call “temple fatigue”. That’s nothing disrespectful, it’s just that you’ve seen lots of temples during your time in the Land of Smile and it becomes a bit repetitive. There are, even after you’ve seen a lot, still a few temples that stand out from the crowd and provide completely different vibe than most others. Here is a list of those 9 coolest temples…

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Sin Sod - Thai 'dowry' - Marriage in Thailand Features Living 

Sin Sod – Thai Dowry – Buying a wife in Thailand?

Let’s buy a wife in Thailand, right? Yeah! If you think like that this is the right time to leave my site and never come back.  Everybody else who is interested in Thai culture and the ‘why’ behind this often wrongly with ‘dowry’ translated mystery that is Sin Sod, is warmly welcome on my way to figuring things out. I’ve been waiting to publish this post for ages and finally come to an end with talking and interviewing friends, colleagues, students and random people regarding one of the biggest misconceptions or…

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9 ways how Thailand helped to improve my mindfulness

One thing that many of my friends and family keep telling me ever since I moved to Thailand is that I am more ‘relaxed’ now. Less stressed. And smile more. Now one could say: Of course. It’s the Land Of Smile. You gotta be all happy and smiley. Plus you’re a foreigner there. So you earn more and have a better live than the locals anyways. Wrong! First I don’t earn more than Thais in the same position and secondly I live a simple, ‘normal’ life here and don’t take…

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Bangkok MRT revamps Metro Mall – Now with work places & WiFi

Gone are the days of dark and crappy tunnels that lead you to the subway system. While the MRT here in Bangkok always tried to have a somewhat more pleasant underground area, it mostly failed in transmitting a welcoming feeling due to feeling too sterile. This now all seems to change with the revamping of the MRT Metro Malls in the city of angels. One can find now friendly colors, fancy layouts, and comfortable chairs, and working spots. You even have some electricity outlets and free wifi for two hours…

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smoking ban thailand beaches Traveling 

Thailand to ban smoking at beaches

What has been announced quite some time ago now became reality, smoking will be banned on all Thai beaches starting Feb 1. 2018. If you still smoke and get caught this might land you in jail for up to one year or cost you 100,000 THB!  Now, this past Wednesday, a first trail started which will last for 90 days and included 24 beaches across the country. During this trial the law will be introduced and beach goers will be informed about the new law but not yet punished, according…

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5 cool artsy spaces in bangkok Traveling 

5 hidden “treasure” places in Bangkok city

New creative spaces and modern “hipster” markets are being made up nowadays in Bangkok. The one thing that got really trendy are the famous “train night markets” or “Talat Rodfai” (in thai) that are now spread into several places in Bangkok. However these places are now becoming more common and known by everyone which makes it not so unique anymore. As I have been living here since I could remember, I wanted to find the new “hidden treasures” of Bangkok city. Places that might not be well known by the…

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