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Stationery Hunting in Siam P. 1

Hello, everyone! Today is time to read a special blog from me SwiththeK on Since I’m a stationery blogger then the topic for today can’t be anything except a story of stationery but for this time I’m not going to review a stationery, I’m going to write about where you can find a stationery at Siam, the areas which have many shopping malls and I can say that this place is a heart of Bangkok. I choose this place to be an example for you all to see how…

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Thailand & Japan

This is only a quick post since I think there is already enough coverage of the current events that happened in Japan. But after Japan was hit by a 8.9 magnitude earthquake that caused a disastrous tsunami many of my friends and family keep asking me whether the catastrophy has any effects on Thailand. So this is just to assure everybody at home: There are no direct effects over here in Thailand. Asia is a big continent, Japan is still far away and geographically on a totally different level. So…

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