Inline Skating in Bangkok

One of my all-time favorite sports has always been inline skating / roller blading. It’s a little funny to say that because my sport number one is (Beach) Volleyball. Both sports are considered ‘not manly’ here in Thailand – but I don’t care, I love it! ;-)  So where to do inline skating here in Bangkok and where to actually get inline skates (rollerblades) and equipment from? Let me enlighten you. Well it’s obvious that parks are a great area to go skating (blading). Asphalt ways and no crappy lose…

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Skating Thailand: The Udon Thani Vocational College

Got those 8 wheels under my feet I can fly so high I can fall so deep But who do I see coming up the track? A little green man with inline skates on his back. (sorry for the bad cover version. See the original song here) To make it short: I finally have some inline skates again and am now starting to skate Thailand with Udon Thani in the beginning. Today a short warmin up at my college. More to come! So make sure to subscribe to my new…

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