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Pattaya – Hell on Earth

I intentionally waited some time after my first visit to Pattaya with this post so my feelings could calm down and I could take another stand point. Unfortunately it’s not working. Pattaya sucks. Speaking from a solo male (farang) traveler it is really hell on earth. The beach sucks, the water is dirty and smells bad, there’s no place to relax since the beach is close to the street and full packed with tourists and scammers. Basically Pattaya is all about entertainment – hence the name “Sin City“. Obviously that’s…

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The Beach on Koh Samet Traveling 

Koh Samed – Samed Island

Finally holiday time again and, after having spent many of my past holidays in the North or North-East I decided to take a look a the seaside again. This time: Koh Samed. Koh Samed is located in the Rayong province and is only a mere 3 hours drive from Bangkok away. Hence a perfect spot for a long weekend or a short holiday trip. How to go to Koh Samed? When you are coming from Bangkok there are many ways to reach Koh Samed. Plane, Car, Bus or Van. They…

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totally pulling pink off - the king's color. Featured Living 

12/05/2011 – Father’s Day & King’s Birthday

December 5. Time for a holiday! Again. Yes, there are many holidays in Thailand. This time it was quite an important one though. It was as well father’s day as the King’s Birthday. King Bhumibol Adulyadej turned 84 today. Reason to celebrate! Like you already learned in my post about mother’s day (The Queen’s Birthday)those days need a special way of celebration. For once there are extra activities in schools, colleges and universities all across the country as well as parades, fireworks and festivals in each and every city. Since…

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student with mother on mother's day in thailand Featured Living 

Mother’s Day in Thailand – The Queen’s Birthday

Mother’s day in Thailand takes place on August 12 since this is the day of the queen’s birthday. (Father’s day = King’s birthday). Since Mother’s day is a real holiday over here in Thailand (not just a simple sunday) our college decided to have a mother’s (and queen’s) day celebration today! Mother’s day is in Thailand not just a simple day to say ‘thx mom’ – it is more. There are big celebrations and emotional acts all over the place. First it was time to pay respect to the Queen…

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