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The 5 Best Golf Courses in Thailand

You can see the article as a slideshow here as well: Best Golf Courses in Thailand – Slideshow Over the last couple of decades, golf has boomed in Thailand and it is not difficult to see why, golf courses in Thailand can cover every imaginably scenario and natural beauty that will allow the mind to wander as your stroll down the lush green fairways. Few holiday destinations offer such a wide variety of golf course design as Thailand. In whichever region of Thailand, you decide to visit, although it is…

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How many golf balls are there in Thailand?

A few days ago I came across a quite nice job interview question. ‘How many golf balls are there in Thailand?’. While this is obviously thought to urge the interviewee to approach a totally out of concept task/question I, being located in Thailand, can relate much more to this question. So let’s see how we can take this on. At first a few different approaches come to my mind. Let’s what we can come up with: 1.) The smart ass answer: 21,398,472 Why? Prove me wrong! 2.) Guess from the hip: 12,000,000 Why? Well.…

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