5 things you should avoid in your dating profile

Unbelievable but true. Over the past few weeks 4 of my female friends asked me to help them to set up profiles on a dating website here in Thailand. They mainly asked me to check their spelling but also ‘what Farang wants to read’. I’m not a big fan of pretending to be something that you’re not, but I think it won’t hurt to mention a few things that I now saw quite often that are a ‘no go’ for (normal, not those creepy kinda guys) foreigners. While having helped…

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Dating Thai Girls 101

So we had the Intro to Thai girls post, we covered Sin Sod and talked about what to expect when dating Thai girls. However, so far, we didn’t cover what you should do if you actually decide you want to date  Thai girl. Here we go with some advice that will make understanding and dating Thai girls a bit easier. Not trying to stereotype here though of course. Picking up So how to pick up a Thai girl? Again it’s not about the girls who are just in it for…

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2 Years working, living & traveling in Thailand – A personal review

Welcome to an upclose and extremely personal recap of my past two years over here in Thailand. This is not a super informational post but more a ‘what happened so far’ kinda thing with a lot of extremely personal opinions and biased conclusions. Just so you know. And yes, that was the first of many bad musical references. Furthermore I’ll divide this post into the three familiar parts Living, Traveling and Teaching/Work. Disclaimer: //end Let’s start with the easy and for most people probably most interesting part: Traveling. Over the…

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Thai relationships & Thai girls

We already covered some myths about Thai girls in general in one of the older posts. (A guide to Thai Girls) but today I came across an interesting conversation on twitter. The question was: What do we think about Thai girls, their current reputation (internationally) and so called gigs (side-boyfriends/girlfriends). So here’s my take on that issue. It’s, like always, personal and my own opinion. If you disagree, let me know. Like always I’m happy to learn something new. Before we start, this was my reply to aforementioned question: So…

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A Guide to Thai girls

I can’t even count how many mails I received with questions about the famous Thai girls and what’s it like with them. So I sat down, together with some of my students (girls) and friends and tried to come up with something that hopefully feeds your hunger for that information. However, like always, not everything needs to be taken dead serious. But you should know that by now. One serious thing ahead though: If you are looking for help on how to pick up girls for a quickie or whatever –…

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