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Groundhog Day – Thailand Salary Day

As exciting as living in Thailand is, there are certain things, happenings, that I still can’t completely grasp. Even though I understand why they are happening, I don’t quite get why it never changes. So maybe writing about it helps as, so some say, writing can be a point of catharsis. A few more of those topics can be found under the F-Word category here on by the way. At the end of every month something fantastic happens to us, the working class heroes. We get paid. Yeah. That…

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Why you suck! (Thai readers edition)

So you complain. A lot. You complain about us Farang not being aware of your great culture. We’re not ‘nice’ and ‘selfish’. We don’t respect your believes and don’t treat you well enough in your country. You know what? It’s your own fault! Yeah, go on! I can already hear you saying ‘Ignorant Farang! Always blames the poor Thai people’.  But seriously: You deserve all the blame possible. And, to quote my dad, “if you ask “why?” you deserve it even more”. YOU treat foreigner different. When was the last…

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