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Freedom on the Net: Thailand falls further

Freedom House, an organisation that looks into press freedom and freedom of speech, just published the 2017 iteration of its annual “Freedom on the net” report. Said report shows Thailand being further on the decline, ranking now 67/100. The introduction as per Freedom House reads: Internet freedom declined to its lowest level yet in 2017, continuing a downward spiral that began when the junta seized power. Censorship increased following the death of the king, and a slew of laws codified repressive measures introduced under a state of emergency. Thailand entered…

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(Online) Censorship in Southeast Asia

I‘m just back from giving a talk on (Online) Censorship in Southeast Asia over there in Berlin at re:publica conference (#rp15). While being there and while talking about censorship in Thailand and Southeast Asia I also heard a lot of talks concerning this topic from other countries. It seems as if this topic is becoming more and more substantial again – in 2015! We all thought we left the old times behind, censorship was considered a thing of the past (with the exception of North Korea) and we, well most…

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