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9 of the coolest temples to visit in Thailand

Time for some #RealTalk here. No matter if tourist or expat, at one point in your Thailand journey you quite likely will suffer from something we here call “temple fatigue”. That’s nothing disrespectful, it’s just that you’ve seen lots of temples during your time in the Land of Smile and it becomes a bit repetitive. There are, even after you’ve seen a lot, still a few temples that stand out from the crowd and provide completely different vibe than most others. Here is a list of those 9 coolest temples…

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Sin Sod – Thai Dowry – Buying a wife in Thailand?

Let’s buy a wife in Thailand, right? Yeah! If you think like that this is the right time to leave my site and never come back.  Everybody else who is interested in Thai culture and the ‘why’ behind this often wrongly with ‘dowry’ translated mystery that is Sin Sod, is warmly welcome on my way to figuring things out. I’ve been waiting to publish this post for ages and finally come to an end with talking and interviewing friends, colleagues, students and random people regarding one of the biggest misconceptions or…

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9 ways how Thailand helped to improve my mindfulness

One thing that many of my friends and family keep telling me ever since I moved to Thailand is that I am more ‘relaxed’ now. Less stressed. And smile more. Now one could say: Of course. It’s the Land Of Smile. You gotta be all happy and smiley. Plus you’re a foreigner there. So you earn more and have a better live than the locals anyways. Wrong! First I don’t earn more than Thais in the same position and secondly I live a simple, ‘normal’ life here and don’t take…

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5 traits I picked up after moving to Thailand

As german I’m prone to being very much tied to the traits that my home country taught me. With my move to Thailand I did lose some of the typical German traits though (which is not a bad thing I believe) and also picked up a few new ones. Here’s a list of five of the most obvious traits I picked up since moving to the Land of Smiles. Yim – Smile A German moving to the LOS (Land of Smiles). That’s two opposites right there. We’re famous for always…

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5 German Traits I Lost After Moving To Thailand

Being German by birth (stop making fun of my accent while reading this!) I do come with a few typical German traits attached to my personality. I think most of you can relate in this regard. Not necessarily with being German but with having some traits that we might not even notice when living at home but that become obvious once we leave our cultural comfort zone. When thinking about those traits and how my personality changed ever since moving to Thailand I realized that I, more or less, lost…

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Groundhog Day – Thailand Salary Day

As exciting as living in Thailand is, there are certain things, happenings, that I still can’t completely grasp. Even though I understand why they are happening, I don’t quite get why it never changes. So maybe writing about it helps as, so some say, writing can be a point of catharsis. A few more of those topics can be found under the F-Word category here on by the way. At the end of every month something fantastic happens to us, the working class heroes. We get paid. Yeah. That…

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How to piss off someone from Bangkok

Land of Smile. Happiness. Big Mango. City of Angels. All sounds awesome and as if Pharrell wrote his song ‘Happy’ just for us. But don’t be mistaken, Bangkokonians (yeah!) can be pretty pissed. So if you don’t want to get roundhouse-kicked (’cause everyone in Thailand can do Muay Thai) while hanging out in Khaosan Road be sure to not do the following things: Food “Hey you eat those cockroaches and strange bugs, right?” Most of my friends or people I met that came to BKK asked those questions. While I…

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The missing sense of urgency & how to work with it

“What is the one thing that makes Thailand so different to your home country?” – That’s a question I hear on an almost weekly basis. Be it in interviews, conference appearances, classes or sport events. The expected answer is ‘the food’ or ‘the weather’ or ‘the friendly people’ or even ‘the culture’ in general. And while all of that is true to some extend those are all things that I was prepared for and that I was able to adapt to without much of a problem. One cultural aspect that…

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