Thailand Meme Competition

We want you! So, there I said it. I do think that we have some pretty funny and accurate Memes over there on Facebook and Instagram but since I know our readers I assume you all think you can do it better. So, here’s your chance. Do it! Do it! Submit your Thailand related Memes by tagging us on Social Media (FB, Twitter, IG) with #mythaiorg, we’ll put your Meme up on our FB page and the Meme with the most likes wins (if you don’t cheat!). The price: You…

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being a judge in thailand Featured Teaching 

North-Eastern Thailand Vocational College English Speech Competition – as Judge

During this years North-Eastern Thailand Vocational College Championships I was selected to be one of three judges sitting in the committee of the English speech competition. Besides being the by far youngest judge, I also was the only non-native speaker there. Turned out that the two old English guys and I did have total different points of view on how to judge students and their speaking knowledge. They are only Thais During the speeches the two English judges always kept talking to each other and complained about the grammar and…

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