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Bringing Christmas to Bangkok – Santa Cause BKK

While it is quite hard to find christmas feeling like ‘back home’ here in Bangkok I came across something that is way more christmasy than anything I’ve ever done before back home in Europe. Thanks to the Bangkok Volunteers Meetup group. The Christmas Spirit that is now brought to Bangkok by this group is something I really like and appreciate. Heck, I’m really happy I found out about that! Like in some other cities The Bangkok Volunteer Group picks up the Santa Cause idea, collects donations and gifts from all…

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So this was christmas

So this was christmas in Thailand. Completely different, strange, warm, sunny, with good food and totally without christmas mood. In order to celebrate christmas I went to Mahasarakham. Since Sina works there, we decided to spent the holy night at her place with good food (Schnitzel, yeah!) and some self made christmas mood. But with 30 degrees and being the only persons around to celebrate the holy night the christmas feeling somehow got lost or never showed up. Nevertheless we had a great time, eating Schnitzel, making a camp fire,…

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Christmas in Thailand

Merry X-mas everyobdy! Even though only about 1% of the population in Thailand is christian, we do have christmas over here (unlike many beliefs). It is, of course, no public holiday (do we have public buddhism holidays back home?) but a big celebration nevertheless. Jingle Bells, last X-mas and All I want for christmas is you can be heard all day long. The only thing that’s missing: snow – but that’s ok for me ;-) Why Christmas in Thailand? Easy answer: 1.) Thais like to celebrate. And if the many…

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