Bangkok Airport Bus Shuttle Breakdown

If you’re visiting Bangkok chances are high that you are either a backpacker or, if you’re not traveling on a budget, you’re still someone who doesn’t necessarily enjoy spending too much time arguing with taxi drivers while being scammed out of a lot of money. In order to make the commutes to and from Bangkok’s two airports easier The Big Mango added a few more bus lines to its Airport Shuttle Service. Here’s a short break down of those busses that now connect both airports with significant points of interest…

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Traffic in Bangkok - Using the bus is the cheapest way Living Traveling 

Taking public transport in Thailand – excitement on a daily basis

Public Transport in Thailand is….fascinating. And while one is fast to say “Typical Thailand”. What happens in a Thai bus / train / boat (yes, boat) is contradictory to the average “keep calm and don’t hurry (sabai sabai)” attitude but also as Thai as it gets. Here’s why. Crowd surfing First of all: Public transport is crowded. 83% of the time when you’re about to take public transport it will be super crowded and you won’t be able to find a seat. So stand! When you are a foreigner it’s…

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New Wave Bus Traveling 

Bus Boy – Comparing Bus Tours in Thailand

After having travelled Thailand for almost 3 years by bus I kind of felt the need to finally compare my experiences – good and bad – and to share them with you. Obviously those are all personal experiences and I only review companies that I took myself. This is the first post – more is in planning and will be published soon. Hope that helps by choosing your bus company / tour for your next trip through Thailand. Before we start: I usually take night busses – since I don’t…

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Hell on Earth: Public Transport & Traffic in Thailand.

The F-Word section is dedicated to critical thoughts and opinions. The F-Word stands for Farang Word in this case since a lot of issues are usually “solved” by saying we have different cultural backgrounds. Sometimes that just doesn’t do the trick. We try to show some problems – and maybe even get people to think about those things mentioned. The F-Word might be a bit provocative in times – it is however not meant to offend anyone. Those are just being raised because we care – if we wouldn’t care,…

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mochit 2, bangkok bus station chatuchak - Khampaeng Pet Featured Traveling 

Mochit 2, Bangkok – The bitch among all bus terminals.

There are many bus terminals all over Thailand and even within Bangkok there are more than one. But there is only one bus terminal that can be described as crazy, weird, adventurous and / or dangerous. The bitch. Mochit 2. When you take the bus to Bangkok from the northern part of Thailand you are very likely to end up at Mochit 2. Most of you tourists are very likely to follow the next best tuk tuk or taxi guy and pay way to much money for a very short…

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Thailand - first three months - first look back Featured Living Teaching Traveling 

Thailand 2010 – First Three Months – a short review

December is always the time for reviews and reflections. What happened, what was good, what not, etc. Since this blog is about Thailand I would like to only review my time in Thailand. Until now, only three months. But already a lot to talk and think about. Same same, but different At first there is to say that Thailand is NOT a third world country. I know many of you folks back at home think that there is no electricity here, nobody knows internet and people go to work by…

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Featured Traveling 

Khon Kaen City Limits

Once more I’m back in Udon Thani! This time I spent the weekend not to far away in Khon Kaen City, capital of the neighbouring province Khon Kaen. Bottom line of this short trip: Nice but somehow same same. Khon Kaen? If you pronounce Khon Kaen like it is written on every sign, bus or map, Thai people will have problems to understand what you are talking about. Why? Because Thai people do not say ‘Khon Kaen’, they say ‘Kon Gan’ – why it is everywhere written with K (like…

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