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Weird Asian Rules: Myanmar – Homestays not allowed.

Welcome to the category: Weird Asian Rules. Today with a rule from Myanmar (Burma). Foreigners are not allowed to stay at the homes of Myanmar people if there is any other accommodation available. Only in case of emergency (no accommodation around) it’s ok to do homestay. Why? Well, the official announcement said because foreigners aren’t able to adopt to Myanmar customs etc… What do you think about that rule?

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Thailand Shopping Malls to close early in April

Thai shopping malls have agreed to close one hour early between April 5 and 14 due to an expected energy shortage rooting in maintenance performed at a natural gas platform in Myanmar. Around 25% of Thailand’s natural gas come from that platform and since the energy flow will decrease during that time Malls as well as Toyota for example agreed to reduce their energy consumption. Besides the early closing Malls will also raise the temperature within their malls by one or two degrees. Can’t we just keep it after everything…

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