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How and where to buy Bitcoin in Thailand

Bitcoin seems to be on everybody’s mind right now. It’s THE success story of the year and its value has probably been quadrupled (SLIGHT exaggeration, maybe) since you started reading this post. How do we participate in the hype though? Where can we got use some Bitcoins here in Thailand? Excellent question, as it might not be as easy as in other countries. Or is it? Let’s see. What you need before joining the Bitcoin hype A bitcoin wallet. As the name suggests that’s the place where you store your…

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Bank of Thailand tells Thais: Bitcoin is not a currency.

The Bank of Thailand issued a statement which reads that Thais should not use Bitcoin since it is not considered an official currency. The Bank further states that there is no way of protecting the value of bitcoins and there is no way of retrieving them if one loses them or gets screwed and so on. If you followed the bitcoin development a bit you know that there have been lots of troubles over the last few weeks with one bitcoin exchange (Mt. Gox) being all over the news lately.…

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