Oh ASEAN brothers where art though with the Rohingya crisis?

Over the past weeks incredible drama has broken out here in Southeast Asia. The whole world is talking about the current migrant crisis and the fact that thousands (!!) of people are trapped on boats in the Andaman Sea between Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. While there have been some very insightful and also some very emotional (according to lots of netizens even too emotional) reports on the crisis there are still a few subjects left that need to be addressed. History & Nobel Peace Prize I am not even talking about…

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what is ASEAN AEC Living 

ASEAN, actually?

What is that ASEAN and AEC thing, actually? It’s 2015. The year of ASEAN. The year AEC will finally come into realization. Maybe. But let’s not be too critical about it. Just because it already had been postponed for a year doesn’t mean it will happen again. Therefore we all have to get ready for it and the whole region seems to feel the same. Getting ready for ASEAN seems to be THE slogan these days. But what does that actually mean? What is ASEAN? And AEC? What’s happening? And…

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