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30 Days Challenge: How to Nunchaku

A few years ago those 30 days challenges were kind of a big hype. Everybody was running around announcing what they’d do for 30 days. Pick up new habits, read books, etc. As it’s typical for me I’m late to the hype train but I do like the idea of challenging yourself picking up new skills / traits over a certain amount of time. That’s why I’m starting off 2018 with a 30 days challenge. If you follow you know that I’m quite heavily into Martial Arts and with…

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30 Days Challenge: No 7-11!

Here we go. After a lot of hesitation and ignorance I finally am ready to announce that I’ll be joining the (already dead) hype that is 30 days challenges. For those who don’t know: 30 days challenges have been cool 5 years ago and almost everyone who had internet access joined the craze. You would pick something you would want to learn, do, avoid or accomplish over 30 days, tell the world, post updates and be proud of yourself after achieving what you set out for. Since this has been…

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