Stunning drone fly over the Royal Funeral Site [video]

The cremation of King Bhumibol Adulyadej is certainly one of the most important happenings in the past decades here in Thailand and the building of the funeral site took close to one year. Here’s stunning drone footage of the site and it’s tremendous looks.

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  • Amornrat Orutsahakij

    This ceremony really made Thai people feel sad because King Rama9 he did lots of good things for us. I really don’t want this day to come. Tomorrow will be the day that Thai people crying a lots for sure including myself too.

  • Ananda Chuensomsong

    So majestic yet sad, This will forever be in our memories.

  • Thananopawan Rattanatrisri

    The late King has done a lot of things for Thai people. I feel sad seeing this ceremony eventhough it is flawless and gorgeous. It reminds me about how precious his works are. He will be in our memories forever.

  • Catty Methayanunt

    This day would be the saddest day ever for Thai people, to send our King back to heaven. King rama IX has done numerous things for the country, for Thai people without expecting anything back just to be a good person.
    This will forever be in our hearts.
    In Remembrance of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

  • Chanidapa Smt

    The late king has done many things to Thai people and our country as he said, “ Don’t remember who i am but remember what i did.” Forever in our hearts.

  • Paytong Pharima

    Finally, we are now in the saddest moment of Thailand. Although, the ceremony is very beautiful but I still feel mourn in my heart.Today will be Thai important historical day together with this stunning Mourner. Also, our beloved King will still on our mind forever.

  • Ben Benyapa

    After the ceremony of The late King that made all of Thai people felt sad. The late King has done many things for Thai people especially the Sufficiency Economy. Which are the teaching of The late King that all of Thai people remembering.
    This will be forever in our hearts.

  • Machima Anantanasan

    Yesterday was the saddest day of my life, however, it was a pride to be the people of King Rama IX. He has done so many things for his citizen and it’s time for him to take a rest. Returning to heaven.

  • Kewpla Kanchanaban

    This week was a saddest week of Thai. We lose our father or the late king. He have done so many thing for us for our country. I feel so sad that I have to accept that he is really gone. And I think all Thai would think like me.

  • Panpan Auraya

    For me, King Bhumibol is the best King ever. He done many things to Thai citizen. So sad to say it’s time for him to take a rest. He willstay forever in our heart.

  • Chung Veeravutthiphol

    Always in my mind, with respect and honor, it’s a pleasure to born as a Thai people under the King Rama 9.

  • Watsakorn Kaewsaard

    This is one of the great example of how technology could really help us to see things differently. A view from up the sky really make the event more memorable.

  • Dakota Yuwapun

    I thought that drones were prohibited from flying in that zone? It’s a really nice scene either way though!

  • If you had a media license you were allowed to use it before, not during the actual ceremony though ofc.

  • Saruta Maneepairoj

    In remembrance of his Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej who will forever remain in our hearts.

  • Ling Kanyanat

    I was watching the ceremony in the tv at that day. It was fascinating but mournful at the same time. Thai architecture always amaze me how detailed and beautiful it is. It’s nice to see the royal crematorium in another point of view. King Bhumibol will be in our hearts eternally.