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Stationery Hunting in Siam P. 2

Hello, everyone welcome back to a review of where you can find stationery at Siam Part 2 (Stationery Hunting at Siam part 2) by me SwththeK. Today, I am going to review about the last two store that I did not talk about last week (Stationary hunting in Siam Part 1). Now, let’s go to the last two stores of my review list.

BE Trend, Siam Paragon 3rd Floor.

BE Trend is the lifestyle store which looks like B2S, it sells a gift, stationery, gadget, book, and office supplies but this store is selling more expensive stationery such as an imported watercolor from England, which is around 300 baht per color.


It seems to be like this store is not different from others but it has many things that you cannot find it from other stores such as a masking tape from MT, this store has many limited editions of MT that is hard to find and also many brands of masking tape that available only in this store. It also has a special corner for Disney and Oohlala stationery. DIY tools such as a scrapbook, paper, or mosaic are also available in this store. This store has a huge corner of DIY tools that make you feel like a paradise of a people who love to DIY.


Loft, Siam Discovery 2nd Floor.

Loft is also a Japanese store in Thailand, which established in 1987. Loft has a concept of the speciality store, which aims to meet the goal of many styles of people that why Loft sell many kinds of things not only the stationery. This store is my favorite stationery store since it has many things that are really cute and I love the way that Loft Thailand import a stationery that also sells in Japan to Thailand. It makes me feel like when I go to Loft I feel like I’m shopping in Loft Japan. Loft Thailand has only 4 branches and not everything that you saw in Loft no.1 can be seen in Loft no.2. As I already mentioned you need to have your intention with luck.


What makes loft different from other is that most of the stuff in the store is imported from Japan, it is not the same as Muji since Loft imported a stationery which from many Japanese brands. My suggestion is that if you found a stationery that you want to buy then buy it do not hesitate because maybe you can’t find it again. I already face this problem by myself when I tried to buy a pen but it is run out of stock in Loft near my place then I go to another branch but sadly they do not have this kind of pen for sell. I have to wait for 2 weeks for restocking then I got a new pen.


Now, it is the end of where you can find a stationery at Siam from me. We have already been trough 5 stores of stationery at Siam. This is all of my favorite stores that I’m always shopping a stationery. Other stores that I’m not mentioned can be good for you to visit too. If you have to store or stationery that you want to share with us just comment down below and…

If you try this stationery, trust me! You will become a stationery lover.


More details:

  1. BE Trend
  2. LOFT Thailand
  3. Stationery Hunting in Siam P. 1

Sarita Kaewkamla

I'm Sarita Kaewkamla the owner of SwiththeK. Falling in love with stationery and...

If you try this stationery, trust me! You will become a stationery lover.

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  • Aim Nitchakul

    I have been to Loft and even though I do not understand anything about stationary, but I really like the things in Loft such as dolls and the real cute music box. >< They are soooooooooooooooooo adorable. <3

  • Nannapat Purod

    Loft has always been my favorite stationery desitination since I was in highschool. Planners and sitckers for decoration are holy grail for me as most of them are perfect match together. For BE Trend, i havent gone to the stationery area, yet. It looks cool. I will go window shopping there soon!

  • SwiththeK

    Yessss! Loft not only have a stationery things but also other things that you can imagine as you say a music box. Once I have found a cosmetic and pillow in Loft which is really surprise me hahaha.

  • SwiththeK

    You should visit BE Trend since you said about Planners and sticker. In Be Trend they have a big conner of this things maybe it will becomes your best choice of DIY & Stationery store.

  • Eriko Koko

    I think Loft is like a supermarket for stationary. You can find many things not only stationary but also beauty product. That is why I like to walk inside Loft. Moreover, it gives a free feeling to look at the product since there are less staff who would try to persuade you to buy something.

  • saran

    I think in my opinion Loft is the combination of knickknack things and the stationary for the high school student which they always goes and buy it after class, Moreover there are headphone, stereo and lots of souvenir type you can enjoy it.

  • Bam Wattanapornmongkol

    Loft is definitely my favorite place for stationary and other stuffs. I just enjoy wandering in Loft even though I did not plan to buy anything lol. There are also a lot of things apart of stationary like little toys or souvenir. Also, I really love the way Loft decorated and arranged products in the shop.

  • Momo Iida

    I really like window shopping especially in stationary stores. If I really need something, I’ll buy it. But I like just having a look. Also loft is one of my favorites. I’ve not been to there in Thailand yet, and I was thinking about those prices – it’s cheaper than in Japan or not. I’ll try to go there someday.

  • Thanwa Niphatjaroen

    I like to buy my stationary at Muji, because most of the stationary there is very minimalist and very good quality. I recommend you to go there, there’s a lot of stuff to choose from other than stationary.

  • As far as I know it’s not cheaper unfortunately :(

  • SwiththeK


    I love you idea “a supermarket for stationary ” that is really awesome place for me, they don’t have a stuff to walk behind you and persuade every stuff, every stuff in their shop is attactive by themselves.

  • SwiththeK


    Yes, Loft have every things that you imagine and it is now popular on student but also on adult too since to have a cosmetic and home decoration.

  • SwiththeK

    Wow! Loft is also my favourite place too!

    but I always spend most of my money on this shop since I can’t control myself hahaha.
    Beside a sationery and decoration stuff, the phone case corner is also intersting too, they have many cool phone cases.

  • SwiththeK

    You should visit them if you have a time, it feel like you were in Japan
    but the price of Loft in Thailand is more expensive.

  • SwiththeK


    I always buy my stationery at Muji too

  • Panpan Auraya

    I’d loved too! Stationary is the best friends when I read a books, do homework, or preparing myself for a test. I is very helpful for me. Colors can make our remembers remaining better. My favorite stationary shop is at siam square one, named Grape, that place has many cute stuffs to buy for more enjoy with your lessons. If you have a chance you should go once.:)